Android CNC Control With GRBL




Introduction: Android CNC Control With GRBL

Project for make Android cnc controller with GRBL (0.9) CNC Controller Via Bluetooth BAUD RATE 9600 BPS

Android CNC Controller With GRBL No need PC Computer ..

For more GRBL Controller Information Please Visit

GRBL Controller is widely used and has developed a lot, but there are some limitations that can make some missing. Compared to PC Base cnc controller as KCAM, Mach3, Linuxcnc, USB CNC, we can empower them. Because developers can write applications that support the development GRBL. Panmaneecnc have to fill in missing features and experience with our senses microscopy. So is equivalent CNC Controller above and to develop with Mobile Computing feature. You can meet the requirements as well.

You Can Follow development From

Main Feature

1. Read the G code from SD Card or other media freely without relying on a PC For Sending G Code.

2. CNC control without using a PC.

3. Probe Function And Auto Zero Z . (For 1.2 Beta Version)

Instruction Part List

1.Arduino UNO Or Arduino Nano

2.Bluetooth Module (HC05 Or HC06)

Install Instruction

1.Download GRBL Firmware V 0.9 Follow link

2.Upload GRBL Firmware With Arduino IDE Download link

3.Before Upload Firmware to Arduino Must Be Correct Following : line 37 File config.h change #defineBAUD_RATE115200 to #defineBAUD_RATE9600 For use Default Bluetooth Module

4. Upload Grbl Firmware to Arduino board Please see Instruction in arduino Website

5.Test Communication with Serial Monitor In Arduino IDE Follow GRBL Website

6.Download Android G code Sender For GRBL Playstore For Install Controller

You Can Download Fritzing File For Bluetooth Connection From Fritzing Site



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    fromPC = (char) ();

    drlemede sıkıntılı

    Bluetooth hc06 modülü RX TX bağlantılrını arduino uno 12 13 pinlerine bağladım. arduino için kod hangisi yardımcı olabilir misiniz?

    daha önceki kod çalıştı. HC06 Bluetooth modülü için arduino ya hangi kod atılacak yardımcı olur musunuz. Kendi çapımda bir şeyler yaptım ama sadece bluetooth la servo motoru hareket ettirdim o kadar.

    Hi...your work is incredibly awesome. I have been working on the same project. Instead of z axis iam going to use a servo motor. Can you please provide the code and related circuit diagram

    1 reply

    You can try this open source version here

    This a first for me .but the hey. If you dont try youll never know

    I have been working on similar project , instead of using bluetooth module , you can go with xbee module to connect your cnc using Ip address or wi fi


    2 years ago

    I have been working on a similar project as well. Instead of using a bluetooth module, I have an older Raspberry Pi running "Serial Port JSON Server" from Chillipeppr. So you can stream it from any computer.. wifi or over the internet if you open some ports. Nice project!