Android Kitkat Tablet/Phone Built in Car's Dashboard




Introduction: Android Kitkat Tablet/Phone Built in Car's Dashboard

Suzuki Swift 2010, with old HUD. Only support CD, radio and AUX. Now enhanced with 6 inch Screen and Android Features!

What we need to prepare?

- 1pcs Cutter (Est cost 0.5USD)

- 1pcs Ruler (Est cost 0.5USD)

- 1pcs Scissor (Est cost 0.5USD)

- 1pcs Screwdriver + (Est cost 1USD)

- 1pcs Screwdriver - (Est cost 1USD)

- 1sheet Multiplex 1mm or 2mm, 30cm x 20cm (Est cost 0.5USD)

- 1sheet sticker/vinyl (any color/motif) (Est cost 1USD)

- 1pcs Android Device ( HP Slate Voice Tab II 6 inch 8GB RAM 16GB ROM + 16GB SDCard, 3G SimCard ). You can use max 7 inch depend on your HUD frame. (Est cost 85USD)

- 1pcs Audio cable/AUX cable (Est cost 2USD)

- 1pcs Micro USB for charging Android Device (Est cost 2USD)

- 1pcs Cigarette USB Charger (Est cost 5USD)

Total Est Cost = 99 USD including Android Device

Step 1: Pull Out the Head Unit Stock

My car is Suzuki Swift GL 2010 with the old HUD from the stock. Only have RADIO, CD Player, and AUX in.

Different car may be different way to pull out the Head Unit.

1. Disassemble the left compartment.

2. Remove the left screw with the (+) screwdriver.

3. Disassemble the right panel below the steer wheel.

4. Remove the right screw with the (+) screwdriver.

5. Disassemble the Audio Panel using (-) screwdriver from the bottom, middle, and the top. Pull out the whole audio panel

6. Remove the hazard cable

7. Remove the power cable

8. Remove the antenna cable

9. Pull out the whole audio panel

10. Remove the 4 screw (2 on the left and 2 on the right) behind the panel to pull the head unit

11. Remove the 6 screw (3 on the left and 3 on the right) from the frame

12. Slide the head unit to the behind to give space for the Android device and put back the screw. In this picture only 2 screw (1 on the left and 1 on the right)

You are finish on this step. Next, preparing the Android Device.

Step 2: Prepare Android Device

I am using HP Slate Voice Tab II 6 inch.

I get it from online store. The price is about 85USD

- Locate the power button, charger port, audio port, and proximity sensor

- Prepare audio cable & micro usb cable for charging and data transfer

- Install app that may you need.

* Music Player (PowerAmp/Musicmatch/etc)

* Radio Streaming (TuneIn, etc)

* Video Streaming (Youtube, etc)

* TV Streaming (MIVO, etc)

* Navigation App (Google Map/Waze/TomTom/Garmin/etc)

* Cloud Sharing App (Dropbox/Mega/etc)

* Screen Rotate (if your phone home screen not support landscape mode)

* Volume Widget

* Lock Screen Widget

* Calendar & Watch Widget

* Android Device Manager/FindMyAndroid to locate your car

* AutoMate/Car Mode (optional) to display like car dashboard

* Torque App, to read Engine speed, RPM, torque, etc (need additional Part called OBDII ELM 327 est 10USD)

Step 3: Create Frame / Panel for Android Device

In this step, we will create the frame to fit in the device to the audio panel.

- I create frame from the multiplex. It cost 0.5USD only.

- You need a cutter & ruler, also an accuracy for this measurement and cutting the multiplex.

- A carbon sticker/vinyl sheet. It cost 1USD only.

1. With a ruler, measure the length and width of the backside audio panel

2. With a ruler, measure the length and width of the android device's screen size.

3. Cut the multiplex as already measured before.

4. Try to fit in the android device to the frame.

5. Cut the vinyl following the outer multiplex size

6. Put the vinyl to the multiplex, and flip it as picture

7. Cut the vinyl following the inner hole multiplex

8. Try to fit in to the audio panel & android phone size.

Step 4: Install Frame and Device to Audio Panel

1. Fit in the phone to the frame and audio panel

2. Use a tape/vinyl just to ensure the position is not change.

3. Plug in Audio Cable and USB Cable. Audio cable plug in to the HUD port AUXin. USB Cable to charge the phone via cigarette USB charger, to communicate with laptop to transfer data/music into device, or with a converter it can be changes to be OTG port to plug in the flashdrive.

4. Use sponge/Styrofoam to hold the phone's position not to drop/changes when we touch it. Cut as phone size and cable audio/usb position.

5. Assembly the sponge behind the phone.

6. Put back the HUD and screw it. The phone will not move even the car on the move.

Step 5: Reattach to Dashboard

1. Put back the audio panel to the dashboard

2. Put back the hazard cable

3. Put back the power cable

4. Put back the antenna cable

5. Ensure audio cable plug in to AUXin HUD

6. Place the audio panel to the dashboard

7. Apply back the screw via compartment

8. Apply back the screw via below steerwheel

9. Put back the compartment

10. Put back the panel below steer wheel

11. Turn On the CAR, TEST The AUDIO!

Step 6: Preview

# Clean, Permanent, Safe!

# Not modify any body/panel dashboard. You can change back to the stock without any damage.

# With USB/Bluetooth/Wifi/Cloud Storage, you can update the list of videos/songs in your Android

# Value for Money. You can buy Android HUD for 350USD. With this mods, only 100USD. If you already have Android Tablet, you may only need 15USD.

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    6 Discussions

    Sahil Grover
    Sahil Grover

    2 years ago

    Just one question.
    What if the tablet goes out of battery and doesn't reboots itself.
    Since the buttons are in the back of the panel. We can't switch it on!
    Did u do something about it?


    Reply 2 years ago


    What i do?
    Make a pin hole on multiplex, exactly beside the power button.

    You can use paper clip, paper pin, needle or something to leverage up/down the button from outside panel.

    I prefer to use rivetter pin.

    Alternative solution is use jumper, cable and switch, and soldered directly to the phone board to extend/duplicate/paralel the power button.


    3 years ago

    can it be connected with a rear camera?


    Reply 3 years ago

    Wired rear camera? No
    The phone only have audio cable, and usb charger cable. No video input port.

    Wireless Camera Possible. You can connect with multiple Xiaomi Dash Cam for example.


    3 years ago

    pretty interesting for sure