Android Slider to Control Arduino RGB LED


Introduction: Android Slider to Control Arduino RGB LED

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This is really a fun project instead of controlling the RGB led from the potentiometer you can control it from android app, android app for this project was created using MIT app inventor, where you can move each slider that has assigned to the RGB values.

Mixed color can be viewed in the android app, the same color can be displayed in the RGB LED too.

Step 1: Components Need for This Project

1) Arduino uno


3) Bluetooth Module

4) connecting Wires

5) Breadboard

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Make sure which RGB LED you are going to use for this project.

If the RGB led is a common cathode type then you have to connect the cathode pin to grond

if the RGB led is a common anode type then you have to connect the anode pin to power supply

Note: Refer to the circuit connection, Make sure you add 1k ohm resistor between your arduino to RGB LED

Step 3: Android and Arduino Program

Download the Android program from this link:

Download the arduino program from this link:

For more information and detailed arduino and Android block program please refer to this link below:



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    8 Discussions

    Can i upload this arduino code on ARDUINO DUE?

    Hi Magesh,

    Will this work with a standard RGB led and *BLUETOOTH HC-05* ???

    2 replies

    I followed your tutorial and the led does not light up, when I move the sliders. I tested the LED in another sketch and they flashed red, blue, green colors. Anh help is appreciated.

    Hello, great work, I am having a problem, i am trying to do with with a led strip with common anode , but it's not working any idea why ?

    hi, i have tried this but my work reverse as yours, when i tried to set red color on max, my go to minimum,why?

    1 reply

    sorry for the late reply, its because the type of LED you are using, I used common anode LED, If you use common cathode you need to change the code