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Introduction: Android Tablet Desktop Dock (Nexus 7)

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So many of your have been waiting for Google to release a dock for your shiny new Nexus 7 tablet. Making one yourself can be easier than your think. With only a old cd drive and some basic tools, you can make a techy looking dock that doesn't just look great but works great too. Don't forget to comment if you have questions.

Small screw driver
Philips screw driver
Glue (such as epoxy, rubber cement or any other plastic capable glue.)

Old CD drive 
Micro usb cord
Cpu core
Old 30 pin connector
Small screws
Heavy gauge steel wire
Adhesive fabric

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Step 1: Disassembly

So first thing is to take apart your old CD drive. Carefully unscrew all the screws and gently pry apart the metal exterior, and remove the mother board.After that detach the connectors and pins holding it to the other components. Then gather your Micro usb cord cpu core and the 30 pin connector.

Step 2: Prepping the Board

The next step is prepping the board for the tablet to sit on. Use a pair of Pliers to pull and cut off all resistors and ports from the circuit board. Use the dremel to smooth down the loose with so it doesn't scratch your tablet then you can put your adhesive fabric on the board to act as padding

After all that is done it's time to cut out the port for the micro usb cable. Next use the dremel again to bore out the place where your micro usb port on the nexus 7 will line up while its in the dock. (use the picture as a reference). The cord should fit in snuggly in the the space you just created.

Step 3: Glue Down the Supports

Now its time to use those cores you have to some use (many other parts can be used for this but I feel that the chips look the best). Use the epoxy to secure the cpu cores to the bottom of the motherboard at a 90 degree angle this will be supporting the tablet as it sits in your dock.

Step 4: Making the Kickstand

In order to make the kick stand you'll have to use your 30 pin connector cord to make the kickstand. Bend your heavy gauge wire into 2 semicircles. glue the 2 semi circles to each side of the connector cable. 

Step 5: Attaching the Kickstand

To connect the kick stand to the mother board i used small screw that i removed from the original cd drive. once you drill out the holes in the desired spots on the docks back. your going to use the pins in the cable to screw to screws into the dock itself. The kickstand on the rear is even capable of using the tablet in portrait mode. just by turning the dock sideways.

Step 6: Finished

Woo! your done now it's time to plug it in and make sure all is well if you have any questions just ask down below. Don't for get to rate it.

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    UHHHhhh wut??? Did you just call an old EDO-RAM module as a "CPU CORE"????

    AND DID YOU just call an old ATA-IDE cable a "30 PIN CONNECTOR"??????

    AND DID YOU call the controller board of the old CD/DVD drive a "MOTHERBOARD"????

    WOW DAT UNTECHINESS!!! Please change that or else everyone will notice you have NO understanding of what you talk about.

    First, what you defined as a CPU CORE are very very old EDO RAM modules, which have a relative high resell value, given they are not produced anymore (20 yrs or longer) and there are still production machines running with ANCIENT control PC's.

    Second, DAT is not a 30 pin connector, this is an ATA 40 Pin cable, also available in 80 wires configuration.

    AND last but not least, please don't call a CD/DVD drive controller board a MOTHERBOARD... its not a MAINBOARD either... its a controller board or if you want a DAUGHTERBOARD. (The mother is where all parts are connected to hence mother, and this is a daughter which has only one connection -> to the mother, sort of like a family tree.)

    And now some constructive advice, please put a silk cloth or some other fabric where the tablet's back resides, or else you will have nasty scratch marks from the solder joints -_- on your tablets back.