Android Data Recovery With Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

About: My name is Oliver Powell. I am a Data Recovery Expert dealing with the Windows platform too.

Intro: Android Data Recovery With Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

We have no question about the ever-growing popularity of Android OS in Smartphones and tabs. Android, alone constitute 40% of the US Smartphone users with iOS coming next to it. Android is simple, feature packed & free of cost to smartphone manufacturing companies. 

In spite of its tremendous popularity and user-flexibility, Androids too become victim of data losses. These data losses account on number of occasion like formatting the OS, restoring the OS to factory settings, data deletion, and virus attack or hardware failures. 

Even if there is no fault of the SmartPhone itself, data loss might occur due to a faulty Micro SD card.

Step 1: Connect Android Phone to PC/Mac

With the help of the data cable, connect your Android Smartphone to a PC or Mac. Goto your Smartphone menu and select the phone’s card to connect with the PC option. A drive icon with the SD card name appears on your Mac desktop menu. PC user may check this is ‘My Computer’. This icon certifies that the storage disk of the Smartphone is connected & recognized by the computer.

Step 2: Get Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software

Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery for Mac & PC allow scanning the Micro SD card of the Smartphone.

Once Step 1 is done, the below window appears which seeks your permission to launch intensive scan for the removable media. The FAT file system is then thoroughly scanned for files & folders including images, videos, audios, mp3, mp4, avi files, 3gp and plenty of other formats.

Step 3: Scanning of the Media in Under Process

By looking at the below screenshot, we can view the different activities being performed by the Stellar Phoenix Software. The files & folders are being scanned and a progress bar is listed below. On the left side, the audio-video & images files are being scanned & recovered. Once the process bar is reached to fullest, the scanning stops and files are ready for recovery.

Step 4: Preview of Files

Don’t forget to preview the files, before saving all the recovered files back to system. Preview facility is added to the software to have a quick look on the recovered images. You can launch images, audios and video through preview.

Step 5: Saving Recovered Files

Once done with preview, click the ‘Recover’ button to define a destination where files can be saved.

Please Note: Stellar phoenix Photo Recovery will scan only those Smartphones, which are recognised by the Mac or PC as a drive.



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