Android Speaker Mod. Must See :)- an Eco Friendly Droid!

Introduction: Android Speaker Mod. Must See :)- an Eco Friendly Droid!

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This is the droid youre looking for! Hi everyone! Let me introduce solar andy, He is an android speaker who went eco friendly! He holds up two things, One is a picket sign saying go green(flip side says it in hex for his fellow droids to understand!). In his other hand he is holding up a solar panel that he uses to charge himself with along with other android devices! On the back of the panel is a small lipo rechargeable circuit that is used to store the energy that will later charge solar andy! You can put him in your window have the lipo battery charge while he tries to spread the 'green word'!

I found this little guy at a store and it was on sale for 5 dollars so I had to pick it up. I mainly wanted it for the look and the speaker (great amp) but after finding out that his arms move I just had to find something for him to hold. Since he was green I came up with this cute idea, have him hold a solar panel that will be used to charge himself! The idea was pretty simple but after some testing I found that one solar panel wouldnt be enough to keep this guy ticking, So I tried using a few solar panels in parallel to get more current (output is 5volts). The max I wanted to go was 3 solar panels in parallel otherwise it would be too much for him to hold. After realizng that I coudnt just use a solar panel(s) I decided to use a battery that would trickel charge by the sun then later pass that charge on to the speaker or even your android phone! I ended up using a lipo battery circuit (equipped with a charge controller and a 5vdc boost for usb devices). Now you can make your own charge/boost circuit (i have a few times for similar applications) but if you want to avoid the hassle of that then I recommend doing what I did, find a commercial solar phone charger and hack it and use it for this project! A few places sell them, both online and in store. You could also use other batteries such as a 9volt, 4double As and so on, as long as they are rechargeable, and adjusted properly to meet your needs and circuit ratings. Lets get started! I will show you how I modded this little guy into an eco friendly droid!!

I am not responsible for any damage done to you or anything!

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Step 1: Things Needed

you will need the android speaker, a solar panel, solar rechargeable lipo battery circuit, micro usb cable and tools that one would normally use for a project such as this. 

Step 2: Making It Small!

Ok so obviously I cant give detailed instructions on how to set up your solar panel (so many different factors) but I sure can give some guidlines! If you used a solar recharge circuit like mine then you may be able to hide the entire circuit on the back of the panel like I did. I found this charge controller in a spare parts box I have in my garage, its missing a few things but to my surprise it still works. Since I basically hacked this thing together from an old solar recharge crcuit i didnt have a case or housing for it. Which worked in my favor because I wanted the droid to hold the panel without any bulky case. So if you just bought a solar recharge circuit I would recommend taking it out of the case and try to assemble the full circuit on the back of the panel so you are able to have less bulk, You can do what ever you want but I think this way makes it look more unique. 
i included a few pictures of me putting the circuit together on the back of the panel, the output of the circuit (5vdc) is where I added the micro usb connector. that way it can charge anyother android device! 

Step 3: To the Droid!

So by now you have probably figured out that we are just taking a solar phone charger andmaking it small enough to fit nicely on the droid. All you do after you have the circuit on the back of the panel is glue the solar panel to the adroids arm, I would use some decent super glue gel for this. hot glue tends to melt if its exposed to the sun for a while. I also glued his arm so it wouldnt move due to the weight of the panel.  Make sure the cord is long enough to reach the usb port on the speaker. After the super gel sets you are done with the hard part. So far its been very easy :) 

Step 4: His Pickets!

i dont know why I made little picket signs for solar andy but it definetly added to his character! I took an index card and cut it small, i 'then wrote "go green" on the front side, on the back side I wrote '67 6f 20 67 72 65 65 6e' which is the hex translation for go green. I was going to write it in binary but that would take up so much more room. The hex is just for fun. So he can talk to other devices!  After his picket signs are done just make a small hole in his other arm and place it in the hole. I used a small piece of metal for his picket stick , you could use a toothpick. I wouldnt glue it into the hole, that way you can rotate the sign and have both sayings show.

Step 5: Done!

You are done!  be sure to test the circuit for any possible issues like shorts before use. now just leave solar andy in a sunny area such as a window. that way he can display his echo friendly message while the lipo battery charges! Since I used a micro usb I can also charge other android devices with this. The battery is rated at 1500mah and can easily charge my phone 100 percent and then some! It will take at least 8 to 10 hours for the battery to charge. take andy to work, the beach or to school! He is very friendly! 

I hope you enjoyed this small mod and if you have any questions about batteries/circuitry/charging feel free to ask them in the comments! Also check out my facebook for more projects!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have the SAME speaker!! Execpt it has a "finicky" Micro-USB port.