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Introduction: Andy Warhol Style Clone Trooper Art Work

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I decided to make another Andy Warhol style painting. I wanted to do something with Clone Trooper Helmets. Of course, once the artwork was finished, I had to get a local Storm Trooper to hold it for my photo, lol.

To make this, I started out with a piece of 16x20 Canson Art Board. My hubby helped out by making the lines with a pencil for the grids while I was cutting the images out. I selected my paint that matched the papers I was using, they are Pool Blue, Bright Yellow and Valentine Pink.

For the clone troopers, I used an SVG cut file and cut them out using the Cricut Expression cutting machine. Once I cut the bases out, I layed them down on the grids to determine what color needed to be painted in each background and used a pencil to mark each squar.

To finish this, I painted the board. (I erased the pencil lines as I was filling in each square) Then, I put my clone troopers together and attached them to the art board using an adtech tape runner.

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