Angelic Pizza




There is Traditional Pizza, and then there is Angelic Pizza. Read on to see how this one earned its halo.

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Step 1: Assemble Ingredients and Tools

First off, there's a lot of Pomp and Circumstance for my version, so I'm prepping with a nice drink and some Tunes. Of course, much of this stuff can be dismissed or purchased prepped/prepared.

Ingredients for "crust":

Lots of cheese(either hard, to grate, or pre-shredded)

head of cauliflower,

2-3 eggs, and (optional) Tbsp of yeast.

Toppings: whatever you want, stay away from the super-juicy stuff.

Grater, knife, pizza stone or pan, and a bowl or two, and mixing spoon.

Step 2: Shred It

Grate a head of cauliflower. After shredding, discard any large bits by either eating or tossing outside to appreciative animals/bacteria. : )

Next, shred cheese. About the same amount as the cauliflower, maybe a bit more.

Step 3: Create Crust

Add 2-3 eggs and combine mixture thoroughly.

You don't have to, but I add some yeast as I like its flavor, and it is reminiscent of bread.

I also add a bit of green herb mix.. always looking to incorporate the good stuff when I can. : )

Step 4: Pre-bake!

Muy importante!

Shape mixture onto stone like a good pizza should look like.

You just press it out, trying to maintain a consistent thickness, even forming a lip for the outer edge crust.

425-450 or so, bake on a stone for at least 15 minutes.

If you don't have a stone, you can use a pizza pan, definitely non-stick. It may affect the "cruchiness" factor of the crust.

Step 5: Prep Ingredients

While the crust is pre-baking, prep all of your pizza toppings

after 15 minutes, take the stone out of the oven. Careful, it hot!

Let cool for 5 minutes while you finish with your toppings.

Before I put on the toppings, I carefully separate the crust from the stone, using two spatulas.

This makes it easier later, when you are anxious to devour it.

(if you use a non-stick pan, you may not have to do this)

Step 6: Decorate

Add sauce. Go easy. Don't over-do it.

Add a bit of shredded cheese.

Decorate with all that you want.

Add less towards the center.

Step 7: Bake and Devour, Sinlessly.


(about 15 minutes, give or take 2 minutes)

Let cool for 5 minutes

Slice up.



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    2 years ago

    Yum scrum! Lookin' good :-) Bet it tastes even better