Angle Grinder Add - Easy to Adjust Tilting Handle - With Plans




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Intro: Angle Grinder Add - Easy to Adjust Tilting Handle - With Plans


This is very simple, but usefull "tool" for your angle grinder.

It allows to adjust the angle of the handle of it.

Takes less space when stored.. gives more ergonomical hold from the grinder in different task..

when cutting, grinding, in different positions or workpiece down or high.

Step 1: Plans..

Structure is very simple, but here's the plans. So you don't need to think whole system by yourself.

First picture is the part 1.

Its made from three parts. 2pcs 30mm x 20mm x 3mm flat bar.( part 1.1 ) And one 20mm x 26mm piece of 10mm thick flat bar. (part 1.2 )

Parts 1.1 are weld to parts 1.2 so that gap between parts 1.1 is 20mm ( same as the thickness of part 2 )

Second picture is the part 2.

Its made from 30mm x 20mm flat bar. Cut to size 30mm x 20mm x 26mm

20mm thick side goes between parts 1.1 in the part 1.

Third picture is from the handle.

I changed the srew from it to longer one. So that the lenght after locking nut is 20mm

Fourth picture shows the screws used for assembling.

M6 screw. Lenght 35mm. Two 6mm washers and nylock nut to connect parts 1 and 2 together.

10mm washer goes between part 2 and the grinder.

Step 2: Very Simple Structure..

I used the original handle of the grinder.

Just changed the screw to longer one. Simply pressed old screw out.

I locked the new screw to the handle with nut.

I use Bosch grinders. Here those use M10 thread for attaching the handle.

I wanted to keep design simple, but also strong and "neat" looking.

This can be made other ways too.

Idea is that handle can be locked on its position simply twisting the handpiece.


20mm x 30mm flat bar.

M10 bolts. ( 2pcs ) one nut and washer.

M6 bolt and nut, two washers.

3mm x 20mm flat bar.

10mm x 30mm x 30mm flat bar

Video shows the building process:


Drill and 6mm drill, 8.2mm drill ( for M10 thread )

Angle grinder: Cut off wheel and flap wheel.


Step 3: Finished.

And couple pics from the finished handle.

Quick to use, easy to make and makes working with angle grinder easier.

Thanks for checking this out!

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Tuomas Soikkeli



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