Angle Grinder Machine Stand 2in1




Hi, I want to share the machine that I did. The level of my knowledge of English is not super, and translating technical words is very difficult for me, so I tried to take all the key moments of photography. I think you will understand, if not then ask questions I'll try to explain more details. On this machine you can cut metal, wood, ceramics by installing the desired disk and use disk sander on your projeсt. I apologize for the unpainted details, the paint ended inappropriately.

Step 1: Make Base

Weld a profile pipe and cut sheet of metal on top.

Step 2: Make Arm for Angle Grinder Machine

We need some profile pipe and metal corner.

Fasten 2 plates with holes to the angle grinder and welding profile pipe. Next make a support for the arm. Drill holes in the arm and metal corner. The holes are needed to adjust the height and length. Fasten together corner and arm with a bolt and weld it to the base. Weld nuts on arm for positioning angle grinder machine perpendicular to the table.

Step 3: Make Cuting Table

Welding sheet of metal on our base. Instal angle grinder machine in arm and cut a shelf. From metal corner make emphasis. Dril some holes to fix emphasis in 45 add 90 degrees. For fixing weld from below the nuts. Weld legs on base.

Step 4: Clamping Device

To describe step by step the whole process is difficult, the main task is to make sure that the platform scrolls freely. On photos it should be clear, if you have any questions, ask in the comments.

Step 5: Disc Sander

Decided to add an additional option to the device. From metal corner make tools platform, fix it to the base with bolts and welded nuts. Make a backup under our arm, so that the arm does not fall and fix it with bolts when we use disc sander. When we do not use sander we remove all unnecessary.

Step 6: Finish and Testing

Paint and collect everything together. Put on a protective shield and test our machine. 45 degree angle is perfect.



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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    Good job, thanks for sharing!


    1 year ago

    Thank you so much for building and sharing this. It is exactly the inspiration I needed for a project I'm working on. Printed the plans and will be working out my inventory. Thanks again for sharing.


    1 year ago

    Harbor Freight used to sell a similar contraption. I picked one up when they were on sale for about $8. Handy but there were a few issues. One is its a lot harder than you think to get the vertical and horizontal planes exactly at 90 degrees and you do want them exact or you may as well cut free hand.
    The other is that as the cutoff wheels wear down it severely limited cut depth.
    For infrequent use this is a viable option, if you use it a lot then a proper chop saw becomes more practical for precision and the cost of consumables. The big discs cut more for less.
    All that said an angle grinder is probably the most useful tool you can own, making quick work of everyday tasks like stealing bicycles or deskinning a live cat. Just kidding..


    1 year ago

    Really good build and easy to follow, good job


    1 year ago

    That's a neat build :)