Angle Grinder Stand for Safe Use




Introduction: Angle Grinder Stand for Safe Use

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simple to make. length of stand os 12inch and breath is 4 inch. stem height is 3.5 inch. this is all about main stand.
now the grinder holder is of  8 x 2.5 inch. square pipe of  3/4 inch is used.  simple way to make for more better safety.



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    dear sir still theres lots of work pending on it. will update soon. can be in touch by

    Not a bad idea for getting long straight cuts with a guide.

    The type of attachment placed on an angle grinder depends on the task being performed and the materials being used. The most common uses for angle grinders include grinding discs and cutting discs. However attachments will vary depending on whether the operator is working with metal, stone, tiles or other materials.

    you could add a spring to the back so the grinder returns back, i have a grinder stand and it works just like a chop saw, i also put a grinding disk on it and use it to sharpen tools like a bench grinder.

    Oh, I get it - you've turned your angle-grinder into a sort of mini table-saw!

    Very clever!

    Do you have any details & photos of how you actually made it?

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    I would suggest a large u bolt to make it sturdier though