Angler Fish in a Aquarium





Introduction: Angler Fish in a Aquarium

My son, Blake, asked to be a fish tank for Halloween this year. He is a fish hobbyist. He has a 55 gallon fish tank in his room that he loves dearly! I'm sure that is where his idea came from.

The Angler Fish was inspired from the movie, "Finding Nemo". We decided he was just creepy enough for Halloween!

The Items we used were:

Cardboard boxes

Wood-look Contact Paper


Electrical Tape

Bicycle Helmet

Paper Mache'

Clear Christmas Bulbs

Battery operated Tea Light Candle

Battery Operated Black Lights

Aquarium Plant Decorations

Lots of electrical tape, masking tape, and hot glue

Angler Fish Construction-

We covered a bicycle helmet with plastic grocery bags and masking tape to create the shape. Fins were cut from cardboard boxes and attched with masking tape, the light was attached to floral wire with masking tape.

After the Angler fish form was made, we covered with paper mache', let dry, and painted it using acrylic paint.

Fish Tank Construction-

We created the fish tank completely with cardboard boxes covered with electrical tape, cellophane for the glass, and contact paper. We attached some lightweight black material to the back of the costume to cover his lower half.

We went to several Halloween Events around town, and The Angler Fish costume was big hit! Lots of giggles, and picture requests! My son loved all the attention, and extra handfuls of candy he got for having a unique costume!



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    Great angler fish. Interesting trivia for you, that angler fish is a female. The male angler fish is incredibly small and has no light.

    2 replies

    That is neat info! I will be sure to pass it on to my son! He may not be too happy he was a "girl" fish for Halloween!

    It may be a girl fish. But it is still unquestionably one of the most terrifying fish in the ocean. But seriously, if he is into fish, he should read about them. They are a fascinating kind of fish.

    that costume is the BEST homemade costume I have seen in a long time! like the teeth almost didn't see your boy inside! good job!

    This is my 1st time on this site, you made me fall in loooove!!

    Awesome !!!! Love it! How creative