"Anglerman" Mask





Introduction: "Anglerman" Mask

I began this mask in early 2012 and have just recently completed it. Creating the lure protruding from the head of the mask was the final step and a newer challenge for me. It is also my first battery operated mask!

Polar Fleece
Acrylite (for the eyes)
Chicken Wire and Mesh (for the vision screen)
Paint (airbrushed and hand painted)
Glue (3M spray, hot and cement)
Lure: LED flashlight, electrical wire, 3 AAA batteries, Glass cover from a snow globe

Olfa knives
Glue Gun
Curved Needle

Hours: approximately 100




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    hmm.. I wrote a long response to this a couple of weeks ago but it seems to have disappeared.

    To sum up: Thanks for the clarification! That was a major research fail on my part. I guess I can only fall back on the whole 'artistic license' thing.

    I was really interested in having a phallic shape protruding out of a male's head. It was supposed to be a play on destructive ideas, being self-centered on them as well as using them as bait to get others on your side. I always try and have a bit of a narrative going on in my masks, but keep it ambiguous enough to all people to interpret them how they'd like.

    This helped clarify things even more: http://www.sundancechannel.com/series/green-porno/videos/anglerfish-green-porno-season-2

    You should be working in Hollywood - or New Zealand; That prop is the bomb. It looks fantastic and very professional!

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    Thank you! I appreciate that sentiment, though the people that get involved with those gigs are talented in working with a huge variety of mediums. I am content doing these sort of props for the time being.

    this is amazing.... i woulda never thought you could get something so detailed with foam bits glued and carved.... the choice of inspiration is great too XP

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    (wish i could edit posts XP) looking at it again, i think part of why it looks so good is cuz of the fabric and how it ripples a bit. it adds life to it, breaks the symetry and stuff. where' dyou get the idea to cover it in felt? (or whatever you used XP)

    thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.
    I do like the little errors that add life to them. Though I will admit that days after these photos were taken, I redid the parts near the temples of the head. The wrinkles bothered me a bit.

    Covering the foam with polar fleece was definitely not my idea. I used to work at a company that makes mascots in Toronto, and that was just the process that they used there, and I think it is the same process used in most mascot fabrication shops. I just wanted to start creating my own designs as well as take on commissions.