Angry Baseball Face Paint

Introduction: Angry Baseball Face Paint

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Strike out with this awesome baseball face paint as created by Nick and Brian Wolfe from their Park Favorites FaceCards Collection, and you'll be sure to hit a home run!

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Step 1: Start Things Off

I started off with white all over the face, then added some blue to the top of the eyelids.

Step 2: Black Features

Next, using black, I created angry eyebrows and an angry mouth around the lips. Then, I went into filling in the side gaps of the angry mouth, as well as outline the entire baseball shape.

Step 3: Red Features

Then, I dived into my red to make the baseball stitch marks on the face (which is not always easy to do, especially if you're trying to paint them on your own face). Then, I filled in the side gaps of the mouth with more red.

Step 4: Final Details

Finally, I created, among the final details, orange dust marks, black and blue outlines on the eyes, and white highlights on the teeth and sides of the face.

Step 5: Home Run

Now that this baseball is complete, it's time for you to race to home plate!

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