Angry Birds Art



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This instructable is for good artists that want to draw simple Angry Birds. 
Let's start with the pig. 
He is an oval with one big round circle in the middle for the nose.  Draw nostrils which are ovals colored, and differently shaped.  Draw the mouth which is right under the nose.  Place a 1/2 circle directly at the bottom of the nose.  Now, make the eyes.  The eyes are very simple.  They are just circles, a little bit smaller than the nose.  Draw eyeballs, putting one pupil at the outside border of each eye, making him cross-eyed.  Place the eyebrows, which are just small lines, over the eyes.  Draw very small 1/2 circles on the top of the pig's head to make the ears.  Now you're finished with the pig.  You should be able to figure out all the other pigs by using this one. 
Red Bird:
Let's make the red bird.  First, make a big circle, but do not finish the circle at the top.  Instead, place two ovals put together with the  bottoms cut off on the top. To make the tail, place one big rectangle on the bag, and two small rectangles pointing out different ways.  Now, make the eyebrows which are just rectangles.  Place one at a slant and place the other smaller rectangle at a slant the other way.  Place two rectangles right under the eyebrows making the eyes.  Place pupils in the center of the eyes.  Now, do the beak.  The beak is just a scalene triangle at the top and an isosceles triangle attaching to the bottom of the scalene.  To make the bird snicker, place a parallel line to the right side of the isosceles triangle just very close to the corner of the triangle.  Place a big 1/2 oval right from about the lower left side to the lower right side.  Now, you are finished with the red bird.  You probably can figure out the rest of the birds based on this one.



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