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Introduction: Angry Birds Cupcakes

Decorated cupcakes tend to be a big hit when I invite people over.

I had made "themed" cupcakes before, for Easter and Christmas, but thought it might be fun to make cupcakes in the "Angry Birds" theme as well.

In this Instructable, a step by step is provided to make the green pig and red bird.

Step 1: You Will Need

To make these decorated cupcakes, you will need:
- Colored sugar paste; you can make this yourself by mixing food coloring with white sugar paste, or buy it ready-made.
- Black little candy balls.
- Cupcakes.
- A sharp knife.
- Cutters in different shapes (like the ones used to make cookies).
- A rolling pin.
- Shortening, or another type of grease that doesn't have a "sharp" taste.
- A black pen which can be used on food.
- An example of what you want to make (such as the printed out page in the intro step, showing the Angry Birds characters).

Step 2: Making the Basis of the Pig

Before doing anything, take a bit of shortening and spread it out on your working place.
This will avoid the sugar paste sticking to the table.

I use a plastic pad to cover the table, and protect it when cutting in the paste, but you can also cut out the pieces of sugar paste in a plate.

To start the Pig, take a bit of green sugar paste, roll it out, and cut out a circle shape, which will cover the top of your cupcake.

You can use the knife to help lift the base, without changing its shape too much.

Cover the cupcake with the green base, and try to avoid bumps while draping the sugar paste.

Step 3: Pig's Nose

To make the pig's nose, take a little bit of green sugar paste and roll it between your fingers to give it a slightly oval shape.

Attach it to the middle of your cupcake.
If it doesn't stick well, you can add a little bit of water as "glue".

Push two little black candy balls in the nose, to make nostrils.

Step 4: Adding the Eyes

Roll out a bit of white sugar paste. The amount should be enough to make two eyes.

To make nice round eyes, I use a cutter in the shape of a flower.
Using only the petals will give you nice little circles.

If you don't have this type of cutter, you can also make two little white balls of sugar paste, which are then flattened to the right size, using the tip of your finger.

Attach the white eyes to the cupcake, and use two little black candy balls to make the pupil in the eyes.

Step 5: Making the Mouth

For the mouth, roll out a bit of black sugar paste, and cut out a petal using the flower cutter.

Use the knife to cut halfway through the petal to make a mouth that is shaped as a "U".

Attach the mouth right under the Pig's nose.

Step 6: Adding the Eyebrows

This is an easy step :-)
Using the (food safe) black pen, draw an eyebrow above each eye.

Step 7: Adding the Ears

Take a bit of green sugar paste, and cut it in half.
Roll up each half between your fingers to make little balls, and attach them to the Pig's head.

Do the same with a little bit of black sugar paste, and attach the black circles inside the green ones.

Your Pig is ready!

Step 8: Making the Red Bird Base

As with the Pig's base, to make the red Bird's base, take some red sugar paste and flatten it using the rolling pin.
Cut out a circle shape using the round cookie cutter.
Drape the red circle on the cupcake.

To make the Bird's belly, roll out white sugar paste.
Using the round cookie cutter, cut out the underside of the Bird's belly (making it the same shape as the underside of the basis).

Using this same cookie cutter, cut out the top of the Bird's belly.
Now is the time to choose how large you want to make the belly, depending on how big your cupcake is.

Attach the white belly to the underside of the red basis.

Step 9: Making the Eyes and Beak

Make the white eyes the same way as the Pig's eyes.
Don't attach the small candy balls for pupils yet! We'll attach them once the beak and eyebrows are in place.

For the beak, take a bit of yellow sugar paste, roll it out on the table, and cut out a lozenge shape.
Attach it to the cupcake, making sure it partly covers the eyes, and the middle of the Bird's belly.

Using the black pen, draw the details and the sides of the beak, to make it stand out from the background.

Also add a small black line between the eyes.

Step 10: The Eyebrows

The red Bird has large eyebrows, which we will make by cutting out the shape with a knife.

Roll out black sugar paste on the table using the rolling pin, and make three horizontal cuts to form two long rectangles in the middle of your paste.

Make two more vertical cuts, dividing your paste in 12 pieces.
The two pieces exactly in the middle should now be about the same size, and will be used for the eyebrows.

Take away the unnecessary pieces of paste, trying not to change the shape of the two ones in the middle (which we'll use).
Lift the eyebrows using your knife, and attach them to the Bird, with each eyebrow covering a bit of an eye.

Now use two black candy balls to make the Bird's pupils.

Step 11: The Red Bird's Hair/feathers

Using a small amount of red sugar paste, roll an oval shape between your fingers and the table.
Make this shape slightly thinner at one side (at the bottom left in my picture).

Make two of these hairs/feathers.

Attach one on top of the other, to the Bird's head.

Make sure you make them thick enough to hold their shape once you have attached them, as you don't want the feathers to droop down.

The red Bird is ready!

Step 12: Making Other Birds

You can make any of the other birds using the same principles as used for the Pig and Red Bird.

Hint: if you don't have all the necessary colors, you can make new ones by mixing the colors you have (eg. making grey by mixing white with a small amount of black, or making lighter orange by mixing a bit of dark orange/red with yellow).

I chose to make the yellow and black birds as well, as these are easily recognisable (if anyone is interested, I can post step by step pictures for those two as well).

I hope you enjoyed it!

If you make Angry Birds cupcakes, please feel free to post them below; I'd love to see them!

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    These are incredibly detailed. Nice work!