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Introduction: Angry Birds Painted Pumpkins

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I'm sure this has been done eleventy million times this Halloween, but my two sons love Angry Birds and I've never been one for originality.


  • Pumpkins (of course) varied in size
  • Acrylic paints (Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and white - Mix yellow and red for beak orange)
  • Paint brushes
  • Black Sharpies (I use them for everything) Thin and Thick
  • Optional : Spray on polyurethane

  1. Wash the pumpkins to get off all the dirt and grime from the pumpkin fields.
  2. Paint the pumpkins that will be getting the lighter colored paints with a white primer. (Learn from my mistakes/laziness)
  3. Paint all of your pumpkins the full solid colors first and let dry.
  4. Once they are dry use a thin sharpie to draw on your faces.
  5. Paint in the eyes, beaks and chest colors. (Don't worry much about staying in the lines, we will clean these up with the thick sharpie once paint drys.)
  6. Once the faces are dry you can go over your thin sharpie lines with the thick Sharpie, thicken the lines up as needed to create a finished look.
  7. Color in all black items with black sharpie: Eyebrows, Eyeballs and such.
  8. Optional: Coat all of your pumpkins with a spray on polyurethane coat. This will make them more durable and resistant to rain. I didn't do thins because I am lazy.
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    Those look great! I haven't seen any Angry Birds pumpkins yet. Are you going to throw the birds at the pigs after Halloween?


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. My sons have already starting throwing them at each other.