Angry Stripey

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Angry Stripey is a shining monster, candy is his favor. For his propose he will follow you for a long way, stare at you and winking. If finally he get enough candy he will show gerat happy. But if you mess he, touch his whiskers he will show great angry

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Step 1: Part List

Angry Stripey

FAQ(YY version):

Q: Dose Stripey have any strip?

A: Can't you see it's strip (。・`ω´・)? May be they had been hidden.

Q: Why Angry Stripey gather candys.

A: Hehe, that must be god's willing that he will do that. ( (¬、¬) I will never told you that I command he to gather candys for me.)

Angry Stripey is one of the series of Halloween Box Monster. He can shining,swing his tail, move anywhere, wink, rolling his eyes ,etc.

This monster is the combination of three parts : 1、The tail.

2、The box with lamp.

3、The body with eye、eyelid and movable baseboard.

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Manufacture setps is under the split line

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Step 2: Angry Stripey

Angry Stripey = Inner mechanical structure + black box with led strip lamp.

1、The mechanical structure can be divided into
three parts.

As the follow figure,fig.1 and fig.2 show the structure in different perspectives。

Fig.3 have divide it to head part and body part.

Fig.4 and fig.5 divide the body part into tail and baseboard.

Fig.6 is to show details of the tail.

Step 3: Assemble the Baseboard.

1)The baseboard and all parts need.

2)Assemble it follow the order of the follow figure.

Step 4: Assemble the Tail Accordint the Follow Figure.

Step 5: Assemble the Head Part.

1)All the part and after assemble.

2)Assemble it follow the order of the follow figure.

3)Fix the contorl board and the front limit switch.

Step 6: Put on the Box to the Mechanical Structure.

1)Put on the box,fix it with screw.

2)Stick the mustache on the limit switch, put on the box for collect candy.

3)According the pictuer to stick the LED strip to the box.

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