Animal Costume Idea: Black Cat

Introduction: Animal Costume Idea: Black Cat

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Meow! Everyone knows that black cats are a real Halloween favorite! So, rummage through your closet and follow me as I take you through how I put together my take on this mystical feline!

Step 1: First Pieces

First, I went into my closet and I was able to pull out a black hooded jacket and black leggings. This will assemble as the basic body of the black cat costume.

Step 2: Shoes and Accessories

Then, for shoes, I went with a pair of these Nike sneakers with a few hints of white to balance out the black. I also went for this black cat accessory kit that I bought from the Dollar Store (it comes with a tail, bow tie, and ears). Finally, I went with a bundle of other accessories, including silver drop earrings, black fingerless gloves, and this silver star infused black choker. To fin out how I made this choker, and others, click into this link:

Step 3: Face Paint

Finally, of course, no black cat would be completely with the actual face paint. So, to do this, I glued on a cat nose prosthetic with spirit gum, and used a bit of flesh latex and colorless setting powder to blend into my face. Then, I started adding my white to make the muzzle. Then, I blended in a bit of grey all over to start create the base for the cat's furry face. Then, I dived into my black, and used it to work on the nose, lips, whiskers, eyes, and blended it into the grey to create fur lines.

Step 4: Add a Wig

Finally, I added this black shaggy wig, and put on the cat ears, and the look is complete!

Step 5: Meow!

Now, that the costume is completely, get ready to pounce on that ball of yarn!

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    2 years ago

    Looks super! Where did you get your cat nose prosthetic?


    Reply 2 years ago

    I actually bought my cat nose prosthetic from a store called Spirit Halloween. They had it on clearance, so I was able to buy it ahead of time. I also use Spirit Gum Adhesive and Liquid Latex from Woochie (will use Mehron brand in the future) to blend the prosthetic into my face.