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I started with a bouncy ball from Walmart and applied plaster wrap to it. After 3 coats and I had a great shell to start with so I popped the ball. Then used a Dremel to cut out the mouth so I had a place to see out of. Next I applied spray glue and wrapped the head with orange fabric that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. That was a very difficult getting it as smooth as possible in the front, mostly around the mouth and eyes the back of the head you don't have to worry as much since it was going to be covered by feathers. Which brings me to the next part, I purchased feather boas from Hobby Lobby. (6) red (1) black (1) orange. I used a Hot Glue gun and went to town on applying all the feathers. Around the lower lip I tore off a some feathers and glued them individually and around the eyes as well. The nose is made of a 2" styrofoam ball and I placed it in a red sock and hot glued it on the head. The eyes are made of 2 styrofoam balls 4" in diameter. I used my Dremel to cut them back a little bit on the back side so they would lay better on the head then glued them down. I also purchased some window insulation. It is not pictured, but looks like a 1/2" tubular foam. I picked it up at Home Depot. I used that for the lower lip and under the eyes for a lid. I cut out some fabric and spray glued the fabric and rolled up the foam till it was fully covered. For the inside of the mouth I used black crafting foam that I cut out for the lower part, and red for the tongue. The teeth are made of white fabric cut into circles with a slit in the middle and twisted them to form a cone shape and Hot glued them down on the mouth. On the inside of the head I hot glued a Baseball helmet inside it with some spacers to stabilize it. It was very comfortable and easy on and off.

The yellow shirt was just a thrift store button up shirt, I cut off the collar, and cut off the buttons and holes to give it a little space. I then cropped it off to where it would show off my belly. The red glimmer fabric was purchased from Hobby Lobby and i cut out flames and spray glued them down. for the 2 ties to hold the shirt together i used Jute and tied them up. Jute is similar to rope but use more from crafting. The same stuff was used for the belt. The Pants were purchased from the thrift store, I cut and frayed them on the bottoms. For the legs I used more of the Orange fabric I took a pair of pants as a template and doubled up the fabric and traced out the pant leg and cut them out. I Didn't have time to sew them so I used a double sided fabric tape and place that on the inside hem of the pants. I also used rubber bands to hold them up on my upper thigh the same for the bottom of my ankles. The feet I used 2" padding foam that I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I traced out a flip flop and cut out that part. I then traced a line about 2" outside of the cut line and cut that out. Once I had both of them cut out, I made one more set but this time I didn't cut out the center part I just made a small hole so i could fit my foot thru it. This was going to be the top part of the foot. After I had all of them cut out I hot glued them all together even to the Flip Flops. Next I wrapped them with fabric and cut a small slit in the tops so my feet would slid in. I then hot glued some eva foam on the bottom for of those so I have a sole to the feet. For the toes I cut out fabric and stuffed them with cotton balls till they looked round enough then hot glued them to the front of the feet. Also for the arm cuffs i used Crafting Foam and did the same thing cut circles out with slits and made cone shapes and hot glued them down. I added some velcro to them to take on and off. I purchased a Costume chain from Walmart in the Halloween section and just used a few that I hot glued to the cuffs and on the inside of the head. I purchased a Orange long sleeve compression shirt.

Thats my build in a nut shell!

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