Animal Stressball!!!




Introduction: Animal Stressball!!!

1. Gather a funnel, a bottle, 3 ballons for each stress ball you will make, a spoon, some flour in any form of a container, and a pen to draw a design.

Step 1:

Put 2 spoonfuls of flour through the funnel into the bottle. You can constantly tap the bottle lightly to speed up the process.

Step 2: Put the Flour Into the Balloon

Put the flour into the balloon. First, blow up the balloon. Twist it four or five times to keep the air in the balloon. Then, you can place the balloon on the bottle. Then untwist the ballon, tip the bottle downwards. Finally, lightly tap the bottle so that the flour will go into the balloon. Take the balloon off of the bottle and let the air out of the ballon without the flour getting out.

Step 3: Preparing Your Stressball

Once all of the air is out, you can then cut the balloon at the point where the flour settles and start covering your stress ball. This is done by cutting the balloon at about seven centimeters from the opening of the balloon. The further you cut it the easier it will be to cover the balloon, but remember, the further it is from the opening, the shorter this is. If it is too short, it will not be able to cover the balloon. Anyways, you can then cover as much of the original balloon as you can by stretching the cut balloon and covering the balloon with flour. You can also choose how many balloons you put over it, but I suggest putting two as it is less prone to the flour bursting out and the balloon still feels stress relieving.

Step 4: Decorating!

You have reached the final stage of this process, the decorating stage. Before drawing the design, take a damp tissue and dab it on the balloon. This makes sure that there is no flour on it so that the flour will not mess up your design. you can decorate your stress ball in any colour since, of course, the design you make is up to you.

Have fun playing with your stress ball!

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    Fun design. Perfect for school where there is always a little stress.