Animals Love It

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Give pleasure to your pet !

Step 1: Animals Love It

The idea was to create a hand layout (made of silicone or plastic). Such a hand can have different attachment options (like a lepuka or a pinch ...) for placing in a convenient place for your animal. When you are not at home, the animal may come up and receive caress from the hand. Attaching an artificial arm can be covered by your clothes. Your clothes will smell. You can also create a robotic arm that can stroke your animal.A touch sensor will be built in the hand when the animal wants to caress the sensor will launch a program for stroking the animal. A robotic arm with artificial intelligence can be taught to play with your animals.

Step 2: Animals Love It

You can also make an artificial leg for your animal.Leg may have different mounting methods for mounting in different places. Artificial leg can be put on your clothes. Finally, the animal may rub against the foot at any time. Yes, different parts of the body in the house. This may look incredible to someone. This idea is easy to try. Of course, the quality of the hand will be important as a simulation of the present.Of course, you can install and a robot mannequin who will є mute you, but so far they are not on sale.

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