Animated LED Sign Board Without Programming

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Intro: Animated LED Sign Board Without Programming

It is an electronic project without programming or any micro controller

you can make your own customized word's led sing board using this circuit

in this project I have used shift resistor IC 74ls164 and IC 555 for animation. you can make led board with 8 letter words

I make in my project "WELCOME " word it is 7 letter word.

All components of this project are available at

Project video link -

Step 1: You Need to Make

All parts are available at

Parts list -

LED - 5mm Buy

IC - 555 Buy

IC -7805 Buy

IC - 74LS164 Buy

IC - ic base 8 pin Buy

14 pin Buy

Diode - 1N4148 Buy

Transistor bc547 b

or 548 b Buy

Capacitor - 0.01 Buy

10uf/50v Buy

Potentiometer 100K Buy

Resistor - 10K Buy

1K Buy

33K Buy

680E Buy

DC socket Buy

vero board Buy

& 12 volt adapter for power source.

Step 2: Making LED Board

I make in my project "WELCOME " word it is 7 letters word

you can make your own customized word's led sing board using this circuit up to 8 letters words

All led's positive & negative pins are connected with etch other (per letter)

negative pins are goes to collector pin of transistor Positive pins are connected with 680 ohm resistor & all resistors goes to 12 volt positive

if your word are big & you are using more LEDs in per letter then use resistor lower than 680 ohm.

for bigger sign board you can use a separate power supply for led board.

Step 3: Making Controller Board & Joining to LED Board

IC - 74LS164 & IC 555 runs on 5v volt so I used here a 5 voltage regulator IC 7805

Potentiometer 100K connected to pin 6&7 of timer IC can control animation speed using this Potentiometer

8 piece 547b transistor used for drive the leds & another one transistor 547b for reset pin

now make circuit using circuit diagram on a vero board

after that join transistors collector pin to led board's negative pin of each letter

& join 12 volt positive to led board positive where all 680 ohm resistors is connected.

power it with 12 volt 1 amp dc power adapter.

for more details please watch making video -

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