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Nothing special about me. Just voiding warranties.


we don't have a big Halloween-Culture in Germany.

But i realy like Horror and such stuff. So i've painted a picture of Psychos House and added some flickering light.

Arduino driven with battery and timer.

My first build used a motion-sensor, but it draws too much power and the battery draind to quick.

Video-Url to youtube:

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Step 1: Paint It

I've used a very cheap canvas from a supermarket (Aldi). It's good enough for such projects.

The basic picture was found by googling around "psycho hotel black and white".

For the building i've taken a black watercolour pencil. The gras is a mix of chalkcole and watercolour pencil.

So, yes ... you need to paint it. Just try it. Start with some light lines. To get them dark, use a very fine brush and some water. It isn't that hard. Just be brave enough. It's fun to learn.

If you have experience in painting, it won't take more than an hour to paint. If you are a beginner, take your time.

Don't loose yourself in details. Just keep concetraded and focused.

Step 2: Electronics and Silhouette

To focus the light to the window, i used some plastic-foam-cheat.

You can use anything, if it is thick enough to stop the light from breaching through.

The black stuff is just a selfsticking film to fix the plastic to the frame.

The silhouette was cut with a sharp, fine scalpel.

The person is again black film. Again: you can use anything for it.

Attach the LED a little to the left or right of the Window. You'll get a little 3D-effect, if the plastic is thick enough.

The Electronics are a Arduino (any will do), a LiPo-Batterie, a batterie-loader and a resistor +LED.

You can see that one of the DuPond-Wires is detachable. When you load the Batterie, you should detach the arduino.

(Details in the pictures)

Code is attached.

Thanks for reading :)

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    Cool. I love interactive drawings. When it is a video on a screen, you can always tell. But you don't expect it from a paper drawing.