Animated Rc Turrets and Smoke System




I present you my project, which is very important to me. I do all kind of models for more than 20 years. I have actually plasitique, metal, paper (regadez the optimus prime pictures, that's all paper, articulate, and is 105cm high).

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Step 1: The Bismarck

after the prrojet optimus, I launched the project to build the bismarck 1/200. Woodworking is a first for me.
but not to do like everyone else, I will animate the turrets, the slope of guns and flash light to simulate gunfire.

as you can see in the video, I thought to use servos, but it was not accurate. I therefore turned to the stepper motor, flown for Arduino boards.

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Step 2:

I'd like to do is to move all kind of thing way to simulate a battle at sea.
more I work to improve my smoke generator.

I even worked on gear box that I want to print in 3D. remains to find someone to let me.

Arduino is not simple at all for me who had never written a piece of code.

I always work to build this ship and improve each location.

if you have any question, if you want more pictures or information, or even advice to give me, do not hesitate especially. I'd be happy to answer you.

thank you to all and thank you instructables

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    Carl Gordon Media

    3 years ago

    Hey this model is very cool! Especially for your first arduino project! Good job

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