Animation on Powerpoint

Easy animation using microsoft powerpoint. the idea is simple but instructions folllow
First get all the pictures shown in image 1 and copy them onto a clean slide
now as shown in image 2 put them together.
Look at image 3 and as shown there make many more slides with your character in very slightly different positions ( do this by copying individual parts again)
finally change transition to after 00.00.01 seconds and then watch slide show (shown in  image 4,5 & 6, in image 6 simply type 00.00.001 into the box)



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Can't help there - we can't force folk to look at projects.

    It is up to the author to persuade folk to look, with an informative, yet interesting, title, an attractive thumbnail image, and then an enticing/informative introduction.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    What's "unfriendly"?

    The project describes making an animation, so where's the "unfriendliness" in asking to see the finished project?