Animatronic Horse Mask

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This project will take your awesome Halloween costume to the next level!! Have a horse mask that can open/close its mouth!!

Step 1: Put Together the Structure

Cut two wooden dowels to 3.75" and another to 3" also find a circle piece of wood that is about 1.25" in diameter. If you don;t have a circle piece feel free to just make 2x3.75" pieces. make holes at both ends of one and if your using 2xdowels put a hole on one side too. Attach them to the servo as shown in the photos above.

Step 2: Solder Wires

Solder the servo to wires 5+, GND, and ~9. I'm using a regulated USB port so I connected the USB wires to 5+ and GND

Step 3: Connect Servo to Mask

I Punctured Holes in the mask and used Black wire ties to hold it in place.

Step 4: Upload Code

I made a custom code that randomly control's how wide the mouth is open at random times

Step 5: Plug It In

Plug it into a portable phone charger and wear it.

Thanks for checking out this instructable, and please vote for me in the costumes contest!!



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