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Introduction: Anniversary Cake in Explosion Box

This Anniversary Cake in Explosion Box Card is a great way to show your love to your special ones! It can be gifted on occasions such as anniversary, valentines, birthday or even as an act of appreciation - simply change the phrases on your mini banner! Even if it's a gift for your parents, that's great too (they'll be so touched to receive it!)

Oh, it also comes in handy if your gift recipient is lactose intolerant and is not allowed to consume a real cake.. Interesting.

After all, what's better than this dummy cake in a box card that is so heartfelt, and can be kept as a memory keepsake forever?

Elaborating a little bit more on this cake design, it comes with a simple combination of red and white.. And... Think of it as a cake frosted with vanilla buttercream, topped with whip cream and mini hearts icing decoration - finished off with a ribbon wrapped around it. And of course, a banner to emphasize on the occasion.

Sounds really sweet for a cake huh? Of course... It's meant to be sweet! If you know what I mean ;-)

Well.. The whole idea is to convey your sincere feelings to your gift recipients - that explains the mini hearts sprinkled on the cake, right?

So here, I'm gonna guide you through in the making of a dummy cake, and decorating it in a lovely manner. Just like how you ice a real cake, you will learn how to ice a dummy cake.

It seems complicated and time-consuming to make this craft, doesn't it? But I promise you, it will be fun and worth your time and effort - especially when you see the smile on your gift recipient's face!

That said, I am so excited to start making this with you guys! I am sure that you are able to do it! Are you keen to make this beautiful & fun DIY craft?

Now now, I know you are... Let's get started!

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Step 1: Get Your Materials!

Mmmhmm, we all know how important it is to have the right materials. So... Fret not! Here's an image consisting the list of things you will need for this craft project.



"What about the measurements...?! Please help me!"

Woah woah, I see you are so eager to learn! Let's move on to the next step!

Step 2: Know the Measurements

Ready? Are the measurements easy to understand? Are you doing fine here?

Yes? Let's begin crafting!

Step 3: Make Your Box Card Base & Cover

Before we start on the dummy cake, you must have a box card in order to make it a cake explosion box.

Just in case you are unfamiliar as to how to make a box card, do take a look at these 2 images. It is important to know the basics and familiarising yourselves with the templates of something new, right?


First image: Projected view of a box card's base

Second image: Projected view of a box card's cover


"But Brasel.. I'm not confident to make a box card just by looking at these images! I don't understand!"

Don't worry! I believe it's your first time. I have a solution, let's take a look at the next step first, shall we?

Step 4: OPTIONAL: Watch a Video on How to Make a Basic Box Card

There there, here's a few images of colourful box cards to lighten up your mood first!

Don't be afraid to try something new. After all, there's always a first to everything, right? No human is perfect! It may seem difficult at first, but once you get started on it, you'll realise "Wow, it's actually very simple!"

Furthermore, it's always fun to try out something new ;-)

In hope that this video I have will help all you courageous first-timers out there, please click and watch it before you start making your box card. Even if you fail at your first attempt, keep trying! It's hard to get something right at first try. But... remember, don't ever give up. Feel free to seek guidance from me if you ever need some!

(P.S. if you wish to make a heart base box card, do watch the second video!)


No problem with a box card? That's great! Let's start making the dummy cake right away then!

Step 5: Watch This Video on How to Make the Dummy Cake!

"But.. I don't feel like watching the video... What should I do?"

"I dont have the time to watch the video, can you help me?"

Well, as an alternative for you, the steps are listed down here in the instructables with snapshots from the video itself! Simply move on to the next step!

Step 6: MAKING THE CAKE BASE: Drawing the Templates

Ah, I see you prefer images and words instead of the video! Anyway, first thing first, you need to make the base of your cake.


Template for the top of the cake:

Trace the shape of your round box on a piece of white craft paper


Template for the body of the cake:

Take a string and wrap it around the body of your round box. Make a mark where the end meets. Then, measure the length of the string and plot out the measurements on the same white craft paper. Join them and you should get a rectangle strip. (Your white craft paper should be big enough for the length of the string)

Step 7: MAKING THE CAKE BASE: Covering the Top

Once you are done with drawing the templates for your cake base, move on to covering the top of your cake first. (Let's start frosting our cake, yay!)

Cut out the circle shape you've traced and stick it onto the bottom of the round box using double sided tape.

(Note: bottom of the round box = top of the dummy cake)

Step 8: MAKING THE CAKE BASE: Covering the Body

Similarly, cut out the rectangle strip for the cake's body. Next, wrap it around the round box to double check that it fits well. Once you're done, go ahead and tape the strip around the round box' body.

To attach the strip perfectly and accurately, first stick on a small piece of double sided tape on the round box. (if your round box has a side with a "line", you should stick it there so that it looks more professional later on. See STEP 14's last image for better reference)

Then, once you've begun attaching one end of the strip to the round box, slowly attach the remaining parts of the strip onto the box section by section as seen in the images and finish up this step.

Now.. Your cake looks like it's frosted with vanilla buttercream, right? ;-)


Next, let's make the stands for the mini banner.

Firstly, take 2 satay sticks and estimate the position you wish to place your banner on the dummy cake.

Then, make a mark on one side & use a ruler to measure the distance. Once you're done, move on to measuring an equal distance for the other side and make a mark as well. (My measurement was 1.5cm for each side)

Next, carefully poke on both marks using a penknife - with the strength just right to make a slight cut through the white paper and round box. Follow that by "drilling" your satay sticks through the cuts.


Measurement of the mini banner stands

First, measure the height of your round box. Subtract it from the height of your boxcard. The resulting number is the amount of space you have for your banner stands' height.



Height of box card = 13cm

Height of round box = 5cm

Space left = 8cm

Final height of banner's stands = 12.5cm *Recommended to leave a 0.5cm space away from the box card cover*

(12.5cm - 5cm = 7.5cm = part of the satay sticks that will stick out from the roun box)


After you understood this, mark out the height of the banner on the 2 satay sticks and trim off the excess. Make sure that the edge after cutting away excess is not sharp.

Step 10: ICING THE CAKE: Creating the Rim of Cotton Wool

Here comes the fun part - decorating our cake! Let's top the cake base with some "whip cream".. Yummy!

Paste double sided tapes along the rim of the round box, leaving the center empty. Peel off the tape protector and stick on cotton wool bit by bit. Repeat this process until a rim of cotton wool is formed. To secure your cotton wool properly, stick on double sided tapes every here and there under the cotton wool to hold them together.

Step 11: ICING DECORATION: the Mini Hearts

Now that we are done with our "whip cream", let's "sprinkle" on some icing decorations!

Take different shades of red & pink craft papers and cut out as many mini hearts as you want. To do this quickly, simply fold the craft paper into half and cut out the shape of half of a heart. Open it up and you'll get a heart that is symmetrical in size. (If you are not confident, draw out the shape of one side of the heart on the folded paper and cut them instead)

Then, stick the mini hearts onto the cotton wool along the rim using the same method from the previous step.


Optional Part A: Using lace dolly paper

Stick on a lace dolly paper onto the middle of your box card to make your cake explosion box look more realistic. (It's a bonus to beautifying your dummy cake!)


Optional Part B: Decorating your cake further

Attach a few red paper roses onto the middle of your dummy cake. (I used paper roses that are in a cooler tone of red)


Of course, a cake can't be complete without a cute banner!

Your banner can be of any shape or design, up to your own preference. To ensure that your mini banner is of the right length, measure the distance between your two satay sticks. Your mini banners have to be long enough to be attached onto the 2 sticks, but not longer than the length of your box card.

Please note: My banner was too thick in width, I apologise for that. I made it slightly too fat by accident. and I would suggest you to make it thinner instead! But if you like it fat, feel free to go ahead! You know, after all mistakes in DIY can sometimes become a form of creativity, don't you agree? It applies to you too, so don't get flustered if you ever make a mistake!



Box card length = 13cm

Distance between satay sticks = ~8cm

Mini banner length = ~8cm but no longer than 12.5cm (*Remember, recommended to leave 0.5cm of space*)


To attach your mini banner onto the satay sticks, simply use transparent tape to attach the satay sticks to the back of your banner.

With that, you are done with the whole cake decoration! (Well done, you are following well! Give yourself a pat on your back!)


Let's now put our cake into where it should be - its cake box!

To attach the dummy cake onto your box card, all you have to do is to apply superglue along the bottom rim of your round box. Then, quickly attach the cake onto your box card. Remember to press it down hard and hold it there for at least 15 seconds or longer. Make sure to double check that it is carefully attached.

Hmm, something still feels missing right? Of course! You need to top it off with a ribbon - you're almost done, just a couple more steps!


Attaching a ribbon around the bottom of the cake will beautify it and cover up any ugly glue stains there may be.

To do so, first stick on double sided tape around the bottom of the dummy cake. Then, peel off the tape protector, and attach a brown ribbon along the tape.

Once done, cut an adequate length of ribbon of the same colour and tie a mini bow.

Finish up the dummy cake by attaching the bow onto the cake as shown in the last image.

Step 16: You're Done!

Tadah! Your cake in an explosion box card is now successfully completed!

Congratulations, you've learnt something new today! I'm so proud of you for not giving up! I hope you enjoyed the process and love the outcome of your craft!

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