Anniversary Light

Introduction: Anniversary Light

I made this for my wonderfully lovely wife, for our thirteenth anniversary. Since she is the light of my life it just made sense to build this.

Step 1: The Box

I had some scrap 3/4 plywood 3" wide I cut two pieces at 8" and two at 2-1/2". I glued them together and used a 3/8 plywood piece for the top and just used a couple of 1/2" wood screws to attach it.

Step 2: The Blub

I broke the bottom out of the bulb. Then took a piece of hanger and glued a copy of one of our wedding photos to it. Then took some EL wire shaped it into a heart glued it to the photo and the piece of hanger. I then added a photo of the wife and I kissing and a photo of us holding hands that showed our rings.

Step 3: Bulb to Box

Before I put the bulb on I drilled a 5/8 hole and just used some black gloss spray paint and let it dry. I then hot glued the blub to the box. It was a pain to get the photos into the bulb I actually broke the bulb a bit at the bottom that's why there is so much glee at the bottom. Once I got the photos and wire in I glued the hanger piece into place and the extra wire so it wouldn't be loose and pull on the photos.

Step 4: Finished

This is it done it turned out a lot better than it photos but my wife loved it and that's all that really matters.



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