Annoying Last Xmas Picture Frame

I've build this to make people in my office happy :)

The idea is to built something like this "days without accident" panels. Each time somebody will push the button, the counter resets and Last Xmas will play.

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Step 1: The Ikea Frame RIBBA

I took one of this IKEA 3D Frames and took it apart

A 4mm Plexiglas panel and a DinA4 self adhesive paper,with printed Text on it

Step 2:

I used the toner thermotransfer methode to make the PCB's

Step 3:

I made 2 PCB's. One for the counter electronic with the atmega328 CPU, and one for the MP3

module WTV020-SD-16P and the amplifier

The counter increments each 24h.

Step 4:

A piece of red plastic foil for the display and a piece of Mosquito cover for the speaker (with a few test holes :) )

All the stuff fixed inside

Step 5:

The counter reset button

It's installed for 1 year now and it's a pain !!!

25 Days... The highest number ever reached until now :)

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is so good! I love the factor of annoyance-on-demand. So clever.

    But poor George Michael . . . who knew his work would ever be used for such a nefarious prank?