Another Arduino Piano With Capacitive Sensing

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Intro: Another Arduino Piano With Capacitive Sensing

I needed a small project that I could do with school kids and after searching around I found several nice capacitive sensing projects. Combining it with an Arduino and some sound feedback, the result is a nice project.

The Arduino (Uno) makes it possible to build a capacitive sensing system. We can implement this to learn how a simplified touch sensor works. The mobile phone touchscreen uses the similar working principle, obviously little further developed version. The Arduino Uno is used to sense the touching event and generate specified frequency signal that will be played with a buzzer.

This set is very easy to assemble and it doesn’t require any special tool- a breadboard with jumpers and through-hole components allow such a perfect combination.

Why don’t you try it yourself?

I wrote a detailed instruction and would like to share them:

The original idea is based on this instructable.

The Arduino code is attached here, but again the original is posted under the piano instructable link (in the moment of writing the first comment made by megantissington).

Some other projects and pictures: drTonis



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