Another How-To on Improving Your Eyesight Naturally.




Introduction: Another How-To on Improving Your Eyesight Naturally.

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I'll open your eyes to a way of improving vision naturally, by following simple eye exercises that'll lead to healthy eyes and clear vision. I'll tell you want I know, and I want to hear from people who can add to what I already know. So feel free to leave your comments to my post, with your experiences, ideas, or with just general information on the topic! Please be constructive.

Step 1: Do Eye Exercises Improve Eyesight? or How Does Vision Correction Work.

I'll start by saying that...

Eye Exercises Form Less Thank 5% Of The Work.

So, what do we hear of when we want to
restore our eyesight naturally? With most
people, restoring vision associates with
eye exercises. People are trying to find
the latest and greatest, most effective eye
exercises, they join forums, post on blogs,
buy different courses that all promise to
give the biggest collection of eye exercises
and techniques for doing these. This has
been my experience so far...

What's wrong with that?

The problem with that is that eye exercises
form only a TINY part of the whole puzzle!
That is exactly why there are people that fail
at this. If you are doing the exercises perfectly
well, but then you are doing JUST THAT, then
you might as well give up right away, because
it will take you MONTHS PER DIOPTRE, and,
in the mean time, you'll experience frustrations,
stress, low concentration, etc. etc. - i.e. IT'LL BE
A NIGHTMARE. Have I experience it? No. But
I know it from my teachers.

So, what exactly is the problem here and how do
we go about restoring vision in the most efficient
way possible? It's quite simple, and so II'll try to
be as short as possible...

Problem: Tensed eye muscles.
Reason: Stress, coupled with technological advances
(PC's, etc.), together with books, newspapers etc.,
that we read close up.
Solution: Relax eye muscles.

That's it. :o)

So, what you should be looking for is techniques
that will allow you to relax your eye muscles
as quickly as possible, and NOT the eye exercises.

What eye exercised do is they merely train those
eye muscles that we've not used for a long time
from wearing glasses, to get them moving again,
and so when we actually relax the tensed ones,
we start seeing perfectly again.

Restoring vision is a wholesome approach that
requires a good understanding of the problem,
willingness to act, and a bit of your time.
Willingness is the biggest factor that stops most
people from restoring vision, in my view, while
the right info. is only second, since I think it only
determines the effectiveness/the time it takes.
Dr Bates had both, an so he had helped a lot of
people to regain their vision. He understood that
relaxation of eye muscles is the goal, and so he
developed his infamous palming technique that
he used as part of his method. And it work's well.

Check out the next step for a way real simple
way to keep your eyes healthy if you already
have perfect vision. In other words, I'll tell you
how you can keep it perfect, and never let it
deteriorate, not now, not even when you're 90+.
And so you better listen carefully, and remember
it, because it far easier to keep your vision perfect,
than it is to restore it when you are at -5, like I was.

Step 2: Keep Your Eyes Healthy.

If your eyesight is perfect, then this step is real easy for you.

I believe that it's very simple and does not take much effort
at all to keep your eyes healthy, and so I'll be short again

You already know from my previous step what the problem
is - stress. When we put our eye muscles under stress, they
tense, and that is the number 1 cause of myopia. Hyperopia
can also be cause by stress, but it's most common amongst
people that are over 45 (?), with the infamous age-relate
problem (ARMD). However, this stuff works for any age.

So, here are a few general things:

- avoid stress
- work with your eyes
- develop a habit of seeing without tensing your eye mucles

Here's what work with your eyes involves:

When you are working with something close up, a PC, for
example, or a book... Something that requires you to stare
at it for a lengthy period of time - over half an hour, then
you absolutely need to give your eyes a rest. Do the following
every half hour or so:

- look around the room for 2-5 minutes
- cose your eyes, put your hands over your face, and sit like
that for at least a minute (you can do this once an hour for
at least a couple of minutes, this is particularly important
if you start noticing your eyesight worsening)

If you do notice your eyes worsening, then do all the above,
and also do some vision-corrective exercises - there's a tonne
of these online. Essentially, they are there to get your eye muscles
moving, and they also help you relax, if you do them right. Eye
exercises are effective if you do then for 20 minutes a day for
4 days a week ONLY. Overdoing them *does not help*.

Another good exercise you should get into the habit of doing
is this: take a small, sharp image, such as a stamp, and place
it on your window. Then, what I personally do is, I look at this
stamp for a second (just enough time for your eyes to focus on it),
and I then look onto the distance. I do this around 100 times, and
it should not take you longer than 3 minutes. I do this in the mor-
nings. This does not have to be a stamp though, and it don't need
to be morning. You can do it anywhere, anytime. E.g., sometimes
I do it while I walk, just focusing on my finger :o) I cannot say
whether that is better than the window version, so any other
place you can do it at, but it seems to work very well. (This was
just to give you an overview of the point of the exercise, so that
you know that you can do it everywhere). I think it's really easy,
and produces solid results.

So, in short, just look after your eyes, and you will bever need
any vision aid. And, what ever you do, *do not go to an
ophthalmologist*! As these guys will happily prescribe you a pair
of glasses as soon as you start having even slight signs of
eyesight problems.

And yes, they surely will go out of their own skin, while tell us that
the only way out of eyesight problems are glasses, etc. etc.

I've restored my own eyesight, and so has my friend, and MILLIONS
of other people around the world, walking this exact same path.
Are those people ALL quacks? Your ophthalmologist will tell you
that "there's no evidence to prove that rolling your eyes around had
any effect at all on a persons eyesight". Well, I can extensively reply
to that, but what I would say would aunfortunately mostly consist of
profanity, since that would give the most elaborative and best answer
to those types of people, and so my answer would be short, since I
ofending people is not my goal here, and it would not change any-
thing either. If they wanted to hear of any evince, they'd find such
evince from in the first day of their search. I'll give you a good way of
getting evidence... All you do is you find all those that claim to have
restored their eyesight, you call them up, ask them to come for a
check up, then you would check their old prescription, test their
current vision - and walla, here's an instant evidence for you.

Open to your comments to what you think, but please, be positive,
and, if not, at least be constructive.

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    Hey guys i just found a very effective way on how to improve your eyesight. just download the pdf and instructions on this link


    9 years ago on Introduction

    this creates less strain, but does not improve your vision. I tried for 3 days without moving muscles around my forehead and eyes, but still the faces on photos on my wall were, without difference, still unrecognizable,
    But this did in fact reduce the bags under my eyes in the morning


    10 years ago on Step 2

    really good mademe feel that i could have a good eye sight