Kitty Litter Bucket Storage Shelve




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Intro: Kitty Litter Bucket Storage Shelve

Needed more storage in the Garage so it's time for more Kitty Litter Shevles!!!

I started to take pictures to build a step-by-step for this one and my batteries died on my phone (useing that to take pictures) so here is a preview and one of these days I will try to get to the step-by-step for this.

I just love finding ways to use these buckets...

This time I mounted a 3/4 inch board to the wall first and then screwed the buckets to the board.
The buckets are connected to each other using Zip ties...  This is the part I need to do the Step-by-step for as the zip ties make a cheep and easy way to connect the buckets together.



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