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Yet another Zapper. Why ? I have reason and I can do it. What he is doing ? I don't know. May be he is curing or killing microbes or just is tickling. It is a 30kHz square wave generator with CMOS 4049 IC that I had. The circuit is classical and simple. I read somewhere that the pulses must be positive ... Is not clear what exactly that means. I decided that the autor have not enough knowledge to describe something but I I saw circuits with resistor, who supplied DC together with the pulses. I decided to put another generator which can gate the 30kHz one with 500Hz. During blank pulse the voltage can be high or low. Hence DC component or not. Here is the circuit and the waveform that are produced:

Step 1:

After examining a number of circuits I asked myself the following question: How to monitor the output current ? It is good to know that current is flowing through the skin. I used two LED in cross parallel. The straight one will blink with the current flow to the skin. The other LED will blink because the skin have capacitance ... or free charges. And he is blinking indeed. The frequency is high and the blinking is fast, so both diodes glow. Forward pulse diode and reflected pulse diode - sounds good.

First attempt was on breadboard, all parts and the box collected and all was soldered to universal board:

Step 2:

I have to admit. This is electro-superstition for me. But as far as conventional medicine have no chance against cancer there will be superstitions and healers and miraculous herbs and so on. I had miracle 4049 and I used it. The current is less than milliamp and the inducted energy is hundreds times less than the field of your phone, so I think is safe. At least safer than meat with hormones or tomato with nitrates. Enjoy and beleive.




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