Another Infinite Table





Introduction: Another Infinite Table

Seen many times on this site, but so simple and beautiful ...

Step 1: Bill of Materials

  • sheets of wood, thickness 10mm
  • round mirror, diameter 42cm
  • one-way film mirror
  • a round glass top, diameter 47 cm
  • adhesive bumpers
  • table legs, 40 cm
  • neoprene glue
  • glue gun
  • screws
  • electric wires
  • casual tools

Step 2: The Table Design

Step 3: Cut the Wood

I used a CNC router, but i can be done with casual tools

  1. cut a 47cm diameter plain wood round
  2. cut 2 circles, 47 cm outer diameter and 42 cm inner (refer to the 3D design)

That's it ;-)

Step 4: Paste...

  1. Paste the 2 circles on the plain round plate, I used neoprene glue
  2. Paste the mirror inside (neoprene glue)
  3. Paste the led strip around (glue gun for the led strip)

Step 5: Fix the Electronics

  1. Make a small hole on the side of the table to let pass electric wires from the led strip
  2. Fix the arduino UNO under the table. I've used a 3D printed mount ( But you can also fix with a glue gun.
  3. For wire connections between led strip and arduino, please refer the adafruit site. It's well done and clear.

-> you will find there explanations for the led strip, how to use it, and examples for arduino

-> I didn't use the recommended capacitor

-> I power the led strip from the arduino, and not an auxiliary transformer

-> the arduino is powered with an USB cable and a +5V phone charger, it is enough

So to resume : I only need an arduino UNO, a USB cable, a phone charger and the led strip

Step 6: Fix the Table Legs

- Do you really need an explanation to do this ? lol

Step 7: The Glas Top and the One-way Mirror

This is the most expansive part of the table

- I've ordered it from a factory and it costs, arround 110 euros for a "securit" glass and 40 euros for a standard glass

- Fix the one-way mirror on it, it is tricky, not easy, follow the instructions of the box and be patient

- Fix adhesive bumpers and place the glass top on it

That's it, your table is ready to impress your friends :-) :-) :-)



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    9 Discussions

    This is one of the best things I've ever seen.... I want several!

    So cool, I do love those infinite gadgets, but this in table form. Wow very nicely done :)

    Found something cool on kickstarter that would go amazingly well with this project! The EspLight. Lazely controll it from your phone and it change the table to the mood you are in, with ease.

    Nice instrucTABLE :)

    I made one myself a couple months ago I'm glad to see them popping everywhere

    That's awesome !!!! I love cool colors mixed. Lol

    I mean, yes pretty nice ! (eporte)

    Yes !

    so cool! I love infinity mirrors! did you think about using window privacy mirror film and sticking
    it onto some plexiglass? it might take a little work but is a lot cheaper than your security mirror.