Another Magnetic Makeup Board

Introduction: Another Magnetic Makeup Board

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I hate clutter. And one place I have a lot clutter is in my makeup bag. Inspired by an instructible by user deathrouge, I decided to try to make my own makeup board. I had a cookie sheet that was heading for the trash that was perfect for this project because it was a magnetic material (not all metal is magnetic). Actually, I'd recommend thrifting the pan you want to use because everything is made of aluminum now a days, which is cheap but not magnetic.
Here's what I used:
old cookie sheet
spray paint
glass rocks
roll of magnet strip
glue gun
glue sticks

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Step 1: Decorate!

I wanted this to look elegant, NOT like recycled cookie sheet. First, I spray painted the sheet silver. Then, I started hot gluing the rocks around the border.

Step 2: Magnetize Your Makeup

Cut pieces of magnets and adhere to cosmetics with hot glue. Note: some of the bigger pallets needed larger magnets,

Step 3:

Hang it on the wall, admire your handiwork, and be pleased that getting ready in the morning just got a little easier!

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