Another Vintage Radio Project

Introduction: Another Vintage Radio Project

My friend had an old wooden radio in her garage. Most of the lacquer was peeling and some wood parts were loose because of the moisture. Speaker itself and the cloth covering were broken and needed to be replaced. All what was inside was also rusted and broken, someone had done some "repairings" with it, so only thing to save was the casing.....better than nothing, I guess. I used different sandpapers to remove old lacquer and coated it with oak and peanut lacquer, loose parts were glued back together. Got some cloth from local handcraft shop, it didn't have exactly the right hue but after silking it in the solvent of watercolors, it did....very light brown. Radio's back cover was also broken but a new one was made from plywood. To give the radio also a practical value, I used an old car radio, PC's ATX power supply and a RF module with a remote. I made connections between radio's front panel to RF module to switch power, channels etc.  There was also a light bulb to light up the scale, that I replaced with a RGB led strip, which can give a nice warm backlight as it would have been with the original lamp. And now it's working again, sound is ok, and it's also nice to look at. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    That's a great restoration. Those were the great days of cabinetry. There's some beautiful veneer work to be found in old radios.