Ant Farm





Introduction: Ant Farm

About: DJspVcemAn that's my name

I will be showing you the steps on ant farm making

Step 1: The Items Needed to Craft This:

-fish tank (bowl)
-sand or dirt
-ant queen and ant workers
-decorations if you want
-also food for the ants like leftovers you have
Total price:
~24.00$ (depending on the items if you have them)

Step 2: Let's Not Let the Ants Escape

I have a lasuis niger colony and Vaseline on the top inch of the fish bowl works great! P.s those photos are my colony in there new desert habitat which is looking impressive.also dampen the sand with water if it's to dry cause it needs to be moist so they can make tunnels make sure you don't flood it!

Step 3: Kids Love This So Will You 2

Ants are a smaller version of human life.ants are a good decor it looks great In my room! Good luck!



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    thats a really cool idea but beware of this sand as it seems to be really unstable; the queen need to make a nest under the sand to make some eggs, and all yr ants will try to drill galleries under this sand ; because this sand is unstable you will have to be really carefull and place the fish bowl in a place with no vibrations at all , because if the galleries collapse yr queen can die :/

    Vapor rub works also all you really need it petriulium jelly at the top inch my colony made pretty big tunnels

    Nice idea! Probably a better habitat for the ants than those usual narrow any farms

    You can buy/adopt ants online, at sites such as

    We'll you can find live queens in mating season or dig up ant colony and find the queen but that's Mean.depending on the ant type you want

    I always wanted to have one of those!!! ... but the question still is: WHERE can i get the ALIVE ants? To I need to have a "queen" or something? Thanks