Ant Proof Dog Bowl



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Easy way to keep ants out of Pet food bowls

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Both the dog and the outside cat kept getting ants in thier bowls. I had some cheap stainless steel bowls a magnet and some washers. These ants don't like water too much so I made a moat.

Step 2: Small Bowl With Magnets

The cat is aggressive so the bottom bowl is screwed to a board and sealed. Then the magnet is used in a sandwich on washers to hold them together.

Step 3: Big Bowls Bolted Together

This one I bolted two bowls together with rubber washers to seal them and set the whole thing in a bowl of water. I did have to drill a hole in the upside-down bowl to let the air out and prevent it from floating.

Step 4: Fill With Water

As long as you keep some clean water in the bottom bowl ant will have a had time getting you animals food and everyone will be better off... except for the Ants.

Step 5: Check Out Some More of My DIY



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