Anthology of Knex Holders (for Gaming)

Introduction: Anthology of Knex Holders (for Gaming)

I've been planning this for over a year now, and with my new camera in hand, I decided to make this quick anthology of 3 projects I have built, in the hopes of keeping my room more organized. They are as follows:

-The first four images show my take on a PS3 controller stand. I feel it is more space efficient than other stands I have seen, as it hangs the controllers upside down and vertical, instead of slanted right side up. The middle folds to an angle, so it can fit into smaller locations. Holds two (2) controllers.

-The next set of three images show my maraca holder, which may not be a common problem for most, but for me it is. The maracas, because of their obtuse shape and largeness, tend to roll around during any sort of movement. This holder is handy in that the maracas just hang, and so very little parts are used. Holds two (2) maracas, and can probably hold other things in the center.

-The last set of six images are of my Nintendo 64 Game Holder. The main concept is similar to my previous GBA game holder, but compensates for the much larger cartridges. The holder can hold up to six (6) games, and multiple holders can be stacked on top of each other.

Thank you for reading this far, and happy building.

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