Anti-Boredom Pocket Kit




This Instructable will show you how to put together a pocket size kit that will save you from the boredom of any potentially snoozing situation, for example Doctor office waiting rooms, Long concert lines, Bad dates, Most church services and the list goes on and on.

Step 1: Gather the Goods!

What I put in my Anti-Boredom kit may be different then what you would put. Here's what I gathered for mine (my kids helped).

The tin is an Altoids tin that I painted Black.


-Tiny deck of cards
-Small vial of touchable bubbles
-Two tubes of plastic bubbles
-Tiny colored pencils
-Note pad
-String for cats cradle
-Quarter to vend treats (a dollar fits nicely too for bigger treats)
-Balloon (for playing don't touch the ground or keep away)

Other ideas: Tiny harmonica, Fortune telling fish, Small sand timer for timing word games or how long you can hold your breath, Small deck of fortune telling cards (I saw some on ebay), Stickers, Small stencils and markers (sharpie makes a nice little marker that fits perfectly)

I bought all the things in my fun kit at local craft stores and party supply stores. They weren't hard to find. The note pad I made from paper and a staple gun.

Step 2: Nice and Tight Now!

I used small hair rubber bands to wrap and consolidate all the small items. I banded the pencils together, the balloons, the cats cradle string and the deck of cards.

Step 3: Pack It In!

Now pack it in!

Step 4: Close Up Shop

I used a nice thick rubber band to secure my kit and its contents.

Now just stick it in your pocket and move happy and confident knowing you take the fun with you where ever you go! Good Luck!

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    2 years ago

    what is that knob? is it paint??


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I made mine! It isn't actually in a container but oh well. It contains:

    Pokemon Card Deck (1 of each type)

    Pokemon Card Supporter Deck (Item, Trainer, and Stadium)

    MP3 Player


    Mini Cat Plush


    Panda Stressball

    Mini Gecko


    Smiley Eraser


    Foreign Coins (My mom gave them to me from her trip to England)

    Basic Makeover Set (It's just purple nail polish and lip gloss.)

    I even made a little booklet.


    4 years ago

    awesome when I make one of these I will NEVER EVER BE BORED XD YAY


    5 years ago

    Looks fun!! I won't need it for church though. Maybe for car rides.

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    CSI worker

    5 years ago

    NICE!!!!!! Great idea!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I was thinking 5 or 6 micro dice (the little 5mm dice you can get at game stores), for games like Ziltch or Yatzee, would fit quite nicely.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This was sooo cool! Luv it!! I also made a mini bueaty kit with mini lipgloss, mini eye shadow hair bands a mirror and elastic hair bands


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Add a couple of rubber bands to the tin, and you can put them around the open tin and "pluck" them for "music" . Try with different widths to see what different sounds they make.
    You could add a mini wax tablet----buy a full size one at the dollar store and cut it down to make a bunch for a whole lot of tins. The dollar store also has those little maze toys where you move a BB around and I think they would be fun in a travel kit. They are usually found in the party aisle.

    Or take advantage of the tins being metal and make small magnetic faces, the kind where you move iron filings around to create hair/beard/mustaches. I haven't tried to make one, but imagine that you could draw a face on the bottom of the tin and use a shallow piece of molded plastic packaging glued to the bottom of the tin with filings in it. The hard part would be finding the filings. Then use a magnet glued to a golf pencil to move the filings around. The golf pencil could double as a pencil! or as the stylus on the wax tablet. Maybe easier would be to draw the outline of a face and use magnetic business cards to make Mr. Potato Head -style face components.

    Use magnetic business cards to make a tiny set of dominoes and play on the outside of the lid. Or make tiny magnetic poetry.

    Paper dolls glued to magnets can be moved around the inside of the lid by using a magnet on the outside of the lid, so you can make them "dance" or "skate". You could also make a pop-up, fold-out dollhouse if you were insane enough to spend that kind of time designing one, which I probably am.

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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    there are surprising ways to get iron filings.
    tape a bar magnet to a pencil and move it around in some crushed ceral
    file a non rusted iron bar.
    buy some iron filings.(yes, some stores sell them.)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Threadbare you sound like a cool happenin' mom! weibbed- It's easy to see why you are part of the community. You are very creative. cool ideas


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I always have some sort of goodies in my purse to keep me from getting bored. And my smart phone is the best thing ever. I have so many games on there that I am good - until the battery goes out. Usually in my purse I have at least one Star Wars related item (action figure, coins, etc) and an assortment of puzzle books, crayons, maybe a balloon. It changes periodically


    7 years ago on Introduction

    What I did, is I used a handbag, and in it I put a toy car, a bunch of crayons and folded up paper, a chinese finger trap, mini cards, a bouncy ball, a small book, some string and beads, a homemade mini beauty kit (lip gloss, nail polish, chapstick, small jewlry, and small prefume bottle), some money, and a small snack. It works great for vacations!

    I normally don't have any pockets.I can't think of a way to add straps. Any ideas for how to easily and conveniently carry it around? I don't have an Altoids tin-I live in Japan. I used a Choco-Aid tin.

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