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Is levitation possible? Well there are plenty of ways such as maglev or superconductor or using compressed air. But what if you don't want to go for those complicated tech? What if you want to create a unique bluetooth car that can levitate? What if you just want to be plain and simple? Well I got you covered. In this tutorial I'll teach you how to make a Anti-Gravity Bluetooth Controlled car. Spoilers alert : It doesn't actually levitate. =D Watch the video I've made to understand what the heck is this project about before continuing.

Step 1: Gather All the Supplies

Before starting this project, please make sure you understand and have adequate experience with Arduino and Bluetooth Modules.

Items needed:

Plywood 30cm x 40cm x 1cm(11.8' x 15.7' x 0.4')

A Block of Wood 2.7cm x 8cm x 4.3cm (1.1' x 3.2' x 1.7')

Arduino Uno (I uses a ATMEGA328 Microcontroller with Arduino bootloaded to cut down cost but this is not recommended)

DC Motor Driver

2x 65mm Yellow Wheel and DC Motor

HC-05 Bluetooth Module

3s 11.1v 2200mAh Lipo Battery

7cm Caster

1.4m RGB Led Strip (Usually comes in 1 or 5 meter so just cut it into 1.4m)

Components :
3x TIP31 transistor

Dean Connector

Step 2: Make the Frame

First of all, let's make the frame for our so called "Anti-gravity board". You will only need two pieces of wood. a 30cm x 40cm plain wood and another block of wood with measurement from above.The block of wood is just a support for the DC motor to elevate it from the plain plywood. It needs to be mounted according to the measurement on top. You can use hot glue or you can drill two holes and screw them for better durability.

Step 3: Paint the Top

Before assembling any Electronics, I recommend a coat of paint job on the top for better appearance. The recommend colours are white or black. I choose black because I love dark colour.

Step 4: Mount the DC Motor and the Caster

Now mount the DC Motor with hot glue and the Caster with screws onto the frame, the screws that came with the caster is too long so please use one that is shorter than 1cm to prevent the screw from penetrating the top.Ignore all the circuit board electronics, I took this picture after completing so I can't took a picture that only contain the caster and the DC motor. Make sure you mount the caster close to the center as possible but still leave some space for stability and for the Electronics.

Step 5: Time for Assembly!

Here is the Circuit diagram for our anti-gravity RC car. Please take some time and wire everything correctly and perfectly so it works. Now since we're using 3s Lipo battery to power this badboy up, you need to use a dean connector to connect the battery to the Motor driver. Oh and by the way, the Tri-Colour LED in the circuit diagram is actually the RGB Led strip pin Green pin, 12v, Blue pin and Red pin. I couldn't find RGB LED strip in fritzing :'(

Step 6: Coding

Next is to upload this code into the Arduino Uno. Don't worry about Bluetooth remote control yet, it is very simple to setup as there is already an app designed for RC Car.

The code are available here.

Step 7: Download the App

The app we will be using is Arduino Bluetooth RC Car. It can be found in Play store. It is distributed by Andi Corporation. Download it onto your smartphone.

Step 8: Configuration

Now if this is your first time using the HC-05 you will need to pair it to your phone. Power up your Anti-Gravity Craft. Go to settings, go to your Bluetooth detected device list and select HC-05. Then, enter a pairing code. It is either 0000 or 1234. After that go to Arduino Bluetooth app and connect it.

Step 9: Have Fun!

Well now you've created a Anti-Gravity Craft that look as if it is floating in Mid-Air. Go show it off to friends, family or exhibit in Science Fair. You can create stories about how you were granted permission by God to be a wizard and create the world first Anti-Gravity Craft that can seemingly levitate!

I hope you enjoy this instructable. This is my very first instructable. I run the Youtube Channel 5Volts which contain arduino projects, life hacks, crazy experiments and more! Do subscribe and have a nice day!



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    1 year ago

    It looks cool. I thought it was a tablet at first. I think air filled rubber tires would make it a lot quieter, adding to the illusion it was floating.