Anti Gravity Space Pen




Introduction: Anti Gravity Space Pen

Anti gravity pens or space pens are really interesting because of their capability to write at any angle in zero gravity or against gravity. Nasa and a company called fisher have developed a space pen that is commercially available. It works great, but is very expensive. There are also some other brands which are expensive as well. But now you dont need to hurt your wallet to get one. You can simply convert any of your standard ball point pens into a space pen.

For your ordinary pen if you try to write against gravity then the pen will stop working soon after you begin writing.

The space pens actually contain pressurised air which pushes the ink out while writing. So the pen writes smoothly even against gravity. They tend to be expensive because of the high quality seal at the tip which prevents leaking and maintains the pressure for years.

For our pen we will pressurise the refill and seal it. Modern ball pens have a good sealed tip too. They might not be as good as the nasa pen, but still can be pressurised with little or almost no leakage.

Step 1: 1.Materials

You will need the following materials:
1- A ball point pen of your choice ( dont use gel pen because they will leak).
2- Baking powder.
3- Water.
4- Instant glue.
5- Drinking straw.
6- Strip of rubber( for sealing the refill).

Step 2: 2.Prepare the Seal

Cut a small portion out of the rubber strip. This will be the seal at the open end of the refill.

Step 3: 3.Assembly

We will put water and baking powder into the refill. They react to produce carbon dioxide which increases the pressure inside the refill. Dont worry, it will not damage the ink.

First of all put a little bit of water into the refill. Now because of high surface tension the water will not go in easily.You can use a syringe to put in the water. If you dont have a syringe then use a drinking straw. First pull the drinking straw so that it becomes thinner at the middle. Then cut it at the thin region. The straw will now fit in the refill. Put a tiny amount of water in the refill.

Now put a tiny amount of baking powder in the refill. You can just scoop up the baking powder with the end of the refill and then push it inside with a stick.

Now put a bit of glue at the end and put the rubber seal you made earlier. Hold it tightly until the glue dries. Once the glue is dry, shake the refill so that the baking powder mixes with the water and produces carbon dioxide which will automatically pressurise the refill.

Step 4: 4.Finally

Put the refill back into the pen and give it a try. Try to write against gravity. Holding a piece of paper above your head, try to write. no matter in which direction you write, your new pen will keep on writing smoothly. Your ordinary pen is now a space pen.

It might not be as good as the nasa pen, but it still works and it works really well. So make your space pen and have fun.



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    In your instructions you listed one of the materials needed was baking powder and continue to mention that material again and again. However, in the pictures provided, it shows that of a length of space for baking soda. And a fews times as well. Hmm.. ?
    My question is, was that a mistake or do you actually think they are the same material?
    Ps I do know which one is actually used for this knowing the difference between the two but if its just a mistake you may want to correct it or make a note of your error.?

    Ingenious! I remember attaching an air filled syringe to a refill and maintaining pressure using rubber bands(did this while watching 3 idiots) Yours is a truly portable solution. / I have a couple fisher space pens and I love them!

    What a clever idea ! Does the pressure stay for ages ? This is like a biological spring, usable in all sorts of domains where small pressures are enough.

    1 reply

    The pressure will probably not stay for ages. But if the seal is good enough you can expect it to maintain the pressure atleast for few years. And yes this baking soda and water technique is really versatile for diy applications.

    NASA spent milions to create antigravity pen for astronauts. Russians took pencil.

    4 replies

    and pencils are graphite, a conductive material that can snap and break off the pencil. then it could float around and get lodged somewhere it shouldn't and short circuit a lot of expensive equipment

    Never thought about that. Good point there. Finally makes sense why the US did that.

    The idea of NASA spending millions for a space pen is a well known urban legend.


    1 year ago

    or just use pencil