Anti Water Leaking - Save Water - Save Money - Protect Environment

Introduction: Anti Water Leaking - Save Water - Save Money - Protect Environment

About: Graphic designer, with DIY hobby, little knowledge about electronic, computer programming and mechanic.

My device is called “ Anti water leaking”, it will alarm if your water system leaks over time that you set.

In some common water usage, you need the time not too long, but when leaking happen, it is longer until no more any water or till you found. when water pipe is leaking some where or you don't turn off faucet completely the system wil turn on alarm to alert.

Theory: Every time you turn on(using) water, there is blinking green led indicate , the device will count the time it flow continuously until you turn off (not use). The counting is reset to zero after you turn off water. If the counting reach the max time you set (mean there is some leaking happen in the long period) the device will alarm by red light blinking and sound. When you hear the alarm, look for the leaking and fix it, the alarm will stop.

Device use power from mobile phone charger, so it in very compact, energy save and can run 24/7.

Option as usage of every family, the time of alarm can be set different.

This is a D.I.Y product , made by an unprofessional so it has not many function but it is a useful device.

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Step 1: Parts Prepare

-1 Arduino Uno

- 1 PCB board, PCB file include in my post that you can mill, or use break board.

- 1 potentiometer 10k

- 2 resistors 220 omh

- 1 green led

- 1 red led

- 1 Buzzer

- 1 LCD 1602

- 1 Liquid flow sensor (3 wire kind, +, - and signal )

- 1 USB Cable

- 1 Mobile phone Charger

Step 2:

Step 3: Make Device and Install

Install all parts as the diagram.

* remember connect 2 points on pcb by a wire (red line in diagram)

- Connect sensor wires to board

- Connect the board to PC via USB cable and upload program to it

* unrar the file Water_flow_final.rar (this is the program file) and use Arduino ide app to do it (search google how to

- Finish up load the LCD will show as diagram

*In case of the LCD just bright (no text), try to adjust potentionmeter.

- Install flow sensor to main water pipe

Step 4: Usage

- The program available set "10000" about 40 minutes to alarm (at the yellow high light)

- To change time of alarm , open program file in arduino ide and change the yellow high light, anh reupload to arduino.

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