Anti-Yo Worldwide Video Yoyo Contest Entry by Andrew Robinson

About: I like to yoyo.

Helpful tricks to know...
- White Buddah
- Buddah's Revenge

Helpful concepts to know...
- "Hugs"
- "Chopsticks"
- "Tunnels"

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Step 1: Explanation

Step by Step

1 - Begin by throwing a breakaway into a 1.5 mount, but continue the motion until the yoyo hits the top string, and then land into the bottom string, just the same as the beginning of White Buddah.
2 - Roll the into a 1.5 mount, and place your non-throwhand thumb on top of the strings, as in the Chopsticks concept.
3 - Throw the yoyo while still in the 1.5 mount (as in Buddah's Revenge) in between your thumb and index finger.
4 - Throw the yoyo back to the original 1.5 formation
5 - Unmount the yoyo from the 1.5 position onto the bottom string as in the second step of Buddah's Revenge, then roll it back into the 1.5 position.
6 - Throw the yoyo while in the 1.5 position towards your non-throwhand side (as in the first step of Buddah's Revenge) and use your throwhand index and thumb to open up the string formation.
7 - Roll the yoyo into the furthest string away from you. (Towards your non-throwhand side)
8 - Flip the yoyo around your non-throwhand fingers towards your non-throwhand fingers' side, (outside the formation) then drop the strings off of your throwhand index finger and thumb.
9 - You should be in a simple undermount. If necessary, pull your throwhand toward you to be able to access the string on the furthest non-throwhand side, and roll the yoyo onto that string.
10 - Unroll the yoyo onto the opposite string. You should now be in a Trapeze and Brother mount.
11 - Dismount the yoyo towards your throwhand side, and swing around and mount onto your non-throwhand index finger, trapeze-style.
12 - Drop the single string on your throwhand, and roll the yoyo toward your throwhand. You should be in Trapeze.
13 - Use the "Hugs" concept here. Using your throwhand index finger, grab the closest string on the trapeze loop, and mount the yoyo on the string towards your non-throwhand. Your arms should be crossed now.
14 - Dismount the yoyo towards your non-throwhand side, and swing the yoyo towards your throwhand side. At the same time, uncross your arms. Land the yoyo in a Trapeze and Brother mount.
15 - Place your non-throwhand wrist inside the formation where your non-throwhand is. The string should be supported by the back of your hand. The formation should not change.
16 - Using your non-throwhand index finger, grab the closest string of the "Trapeze loop" much like in step 13, but reversed.
17 - Mount the yoyo towards your throwhand side, and use the "Hugs" concept again to dismount the yoyo towards your throwhand side, and swing around to your non-throwhand index finger and mount it like a trapeze.
18 - Drop the strings off of your throwhand finger, and unroll the yoyo. You should be back in Trapeze again.
19 - Repeat step 13-14 here. You should be in Trapeze and Brother.
20 - Make sure you have a finger inside the Trapeze and Brother formation on your non-throwhand side. Grab the closest string on the Trapeze loop with your non-throwhand index finger, and pull your hands apart. You should be in a strange formation that is supported by both index fingers and has another string in the middle.
21 - "Jump" the yoyo up and over the top string, towards your body. Turn your fingers towards you to untwist the string.
22 - Using the "Tunnels" concept, open the string loop using your non-throwhand and place it on your throwhand wrist.

Trick completed.

Bonus Trick: Flyaway Bind
Helpful Trick to know...
- "Dave Bind"

1 - Perform a regular "Dave Bind", but as the yoyo collides into the strings, use your non-throwhand to somersault the formation up and around towards your non-throwhand side, then shooting straight up into the air.
2 - If performed successfully, the yoyo should bind and return to a waiting hand.

Bind completed.

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    8 Discussions


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Nope, this is a Duncan Freehand Zero! It is modified for long spins and unresponsive play. I really like these yoyos. :]

    bad appleFNGyos

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    FOR THE SAKE OF GOD, GET THE DARK MAGIC. IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;AHRF;AUYTG;AT;;AF;AFJHKJAHF;HAHFJHJHJKHJHHAWhr;UH:UKRkhkjdhfoaitfia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111ELEVEN1!1!!!!!!!! and so on

    The Fireball is pretty good, but not for string tricks, (unless you mod it, that is.) Also, the Fireball was only $8.00, so I'm not surprised that it can not do good string tricks. However, the Duncan Freehand Zero (which you used), is pretty good if you mod it. Only $19.99. Also, I suggest the AXLE ELITE yoyo. It is $36.00, but is seriously worth it. It can sleep for a bout 36 seconds, without mods. It is pretty good with string tricks. I also recommend the DARK MAGIC yoyo. It is about $47.00 and looks really cool. It sleeps for 5 minutes (as my friend told me) and is very good at string tricks. If you are entering the contest, GET THAT YOYO! The samurai is a good yoyo, but cost $132.00. However, it has the world-record sleep for 12 minutes. It is pretty good with string tricks such as Boing-E-Boing, Split the Atom, and so on. Maybe, if you want a yoyo like the samurai, but with a little less sleep and a little less cost, get the Pyro Light. It is a very good yoyo, and only cost $107.00. (Do not get any Duncan yoyos except for the freehand zero, for all other Duncan's really suck.)

    Well, the Fireball, Axle Elite, and Samurai are all using technology from ten years ago. In modern-day yoyoing, you can purchase a yoyo for $90.00 cheaper and get BETTER performance out of it. In fact, there are $15.00 dollar yoyos that are so good, you can do every trick in the book with them. Usually anything over $40.00 is just to spoil yourself with because all yoyos in that price range "play" the same, they just have different features. (Different material, different sized bearing, etc.) If I were to start all over again, I would probably pick up a "Yoyofactory Velocity" as my first yoyo.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    lol, before you responded I was looking up Duncan Freehand Zeros on the net. =[] I like them... I must get one... soon.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Really cool job. I want to win something, hopefully (maybe) I can post my video this weekend.