Anti-clone Camera Blinding Flasher

Introduction: Anti-clone Camera Blinding Flasher

This idea is to protect your product from getting copies or cloned. In fairs & contests, people roam around taking photos or video's of idea's and then in no time these idea's are copied and sold on the market. This leaves the inventor helpless. although info sharing is a good thing, but some items you may not want to be photographed.

Idea was inspired by this news on below

Step 1: The Concept

The concept is simple. It was proven that IR light can affect digital camera's. If it is intense enough, it can mask an entire scene. Based on that, I used a 2-transistor multi-vibrator flasher. This was harvested from one of the funky computer mouse that was broken.

Made some changes on the circuit to have an adjustable flashing rate for best results.

You can buy a complete IR illumination array cheap on the net. But check intensity output and power requirement.

Step 2: Parts List

here is what we need

2 x IR LED groups either you assemble together or buy ready from the net.

2 X 2N2222 transistors

2 X 100 K pots

2 X 25 uf /16 Volt capacitors

medium soldering skills.

I did not post a video of the result because was busy, I hope someone give it a run and post it.

Last word: You can test the flashing speed by pointing the LEDs towards your cellphone camera. if you adjust the pots to a certain flashing speed, this may also be installed on your hat to hide your face from security camera(but hey stay away from trouble).

Good luck



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