Anti-escaping Clay Pellet Project

Introduction: Anti-escaping Clay Pellet Project

Do you use clay pellets but the hole at the plant pot's bottom are big which leads the clay pellets to escape and you would like a way to contain them from getting out ? Look no further....This is a kind of simple, easy and rather cheat way to stop the GREAT clay pellet ESCAPE from occurring again.

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Step 1: What You Will Need

1) a plant pot

2) scissors

3) a couple of cable tie or tie-wrap, also known as a hose tie, or zip tie( i copied this from Wikipedia so that everyone can understand if the photo is not convincing enough)

4) a piece of plastic mesh ( the color is up to your taste of what ever you have available ) :D

CAUTION : make sure the holes of the mesh are smaller than the clay pellets.... just it in case, you never know....

Step 2: Cutting the Mesh in Size

Turn the plant pot upside down and use the bottom to cut the mesh in the desirable size.

Step 3: Fastening the Mesh

Place the mesh at the bottom and use the cable tie (or tie-wrap, also known as a hose tie, or zip tie) to fasten the mesh to the bottom.

TIP : put the beginning or head of the cable tie from the inside of the plant pot because if you put it on the outside, you will end up with a wobbly not straight up standing plant pot.

Step 4: Adding the Clay Pellets

This is pretty straight forward. It is now safe for you to just add the clay pellets in the plant pot now that you have fastened the mesh at the bottom of the plant pot.

Step 5: Re-potting Your Plant

This is the final step of re-potting your plant to its new home. In this case my poinsettia (Euphorbia pulcherrima) a.k.a Christmas Star

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