Anti Gravity Machine

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I like to call this an anti gravity machine, but it could be called a permanent magnet levitation machine. The thing I like about it is kids are fascinated by it.

Step 1: First Gather the Materials.

1. Glass or plastic tube.
2. Glue that will stick to glass, plastic, or metal.
3. Button magnets that fit inside the tube.
4. Larger Button magnets to cap the tube.

Step 2: Assembly of the End Cap.

Place a smaller button magnet on the larger button magnet and glue.

Step 3: Attach to the Transparent Tube.

Step 4: Stack the Button Magnets.

Stack the button magnets until the stacks are to long to turn around in the tube, then insert the stacks making sure they are polarised north to north and south to south.

Step 5: Cap the End.

Cap the end holding the button magnets with tape.

Step 6: Glue and Let Set.

Step 7: And You Are Done.

And there you have it a permanent magnet levitation machine.

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    2 years ago

    I like this as a fairly high frequency beginning to a shake light or shake charger. The multi point setup would allow for series and parallel arrangements so that you could power a phone or a 12V batt, many nice adaptations available from this idea.

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    Josehf MurchisonBenC37

    Reply 2 years ago

    Some advice make it out of a plastic tube not a glass one like I did. One drop and I broke it.


    4 years ago

    Oh I forgot one or two things, you need a pulsed DC cirrent. If you want to get better results lookup Mu Metals as for a nuclear power source I would start by researcing the Castle Bravo nuclear tests,along with Lithium-7.


    4 years ago

    Oh I forgot one or two things, you need a pulsed DC cirrent. If you want to get better results lookup Mu Metals as for a nuclear power source I would start by researcing the Castle Bravo nuclear tests,along with Lithium-7.


    4 years ago

    Interesting stuff here. There's a guy that you can look up on Youtube his name is Stan Deyo he apparently worked in the black projects world and knows the secret to real antigravity. Being employed in the black projects world, I will say this about it, I'm surprised he isn't dead. Though he speaks in metaphors for most of his experiments, he is right on the money for what he is telling people. In a way I'm very happy to see this out in the public. You guys may not believe me, but that's just how things go I guess. Either way start researching T.T. Brown and Biefield, and mesh that together with what Mr. Deyo is saying and you will most definitely get results. They key to having true anti-gravity is having a nuclear power source in which you take that converts nuclear energy into straight electricity and that's how you get the power to basically propel a giant 30ft diameter capacitor through the air and space. We already have a good example of a flying capacitor. It's the B-2 stealth bomber. It basically positively charges the leading edge of the aircraft and negatively charges the exhaust, this creates a gravity hill in back of the aircraft and a gravity well in front of it. The result is a 60% reduction coefficient of its local gravity so that means 60% less fuel and 60% less drag. Plus it also reduces its radar signature to basically nothing. That's why it cost 2.3 billion to make one. Anyway research what I'm talking about and you'll see what can be done. Anyway have a good one guys.

    You do have an argument if you are physicists, however the definition of antigravity is too loose to argue.

    What makes the problem harder to discern we do not truly know what gravity is, we can measure it, we can calculate it, but we cannot study gravity, out side of gravity.

    Antigravity is the idea of creating a place or object that is free from the force of gravity. It does not refer to the lack of weight under gravity experienced in free fall or orbit, or to balancing the force of gravity with some other force, such as electromagnetism or aerodynamic lift. Antigravity is a recurring concept in science fiction, particularly in the context of spacecraft propulsion.

    In Newton’s law of universal gravitation, gravity was an external force transmitted by unknown means. In the 20th century, Newton's model was replaced by general relativity where gravity is not a force but the result of the geometry of space. Under general relativity, antigravity is impossible except under contrived circumstances.

    Quantum physicists have postulated the existence of gravitons, a set of massless elementary particles that transmit the force, and the possibility of creating or destroying these is unclear.

    "Anti-gravity" is often used colloquially to refer to devices that look as if they reverse gravity although they operate through other means, e.g. Lifters, which fly in the air due to magnetic fields.

    Please just four words, cant you do better than that?


    Well said. I am impressed.

    I am now trying to figure out what mad scientist dug up Sir Hermann Bondi's brain and put it in your head! LOL!

    I am a steady state kind of guy.

    Have you read the new paper from Stephen Hawking?

    He is still hedging his bets.

    so 40 years ago Stephen Hawking came up with the theory of Black holes and
    today they are not black but gray.

    It turns out that the black holes Hawking wrote about in 1974 — those places in
    the space-time continuum that can devour galaxies and even trap light forever —
    may not exist in the way that he proposed decades ago.

    So I read the paper.

    I found it a bit dry compared to A Brief History of Time but that is the life
    of a paper.

    I have always believed a theory is just that and no more, prone to evolve or be
    disproved with the advent of new theories and facts. After all it is just a
    theory and not a fact even though many of these theories enable us to do the most
    amazing things.

    Which reminds me of a joke.

    A Canadian fisherman was down south fly fishing with an American fisherman that
    happen to be a marine biologist. Soon the Canadian fisherman caught a one pound
    brook trout and stated it was just a baby and threw it back.

    The American marine biologist not objecting to catch and release, objected to
    the Canadian calling a one pound Salvelinus fontinalis a baby. He explained to
    the Canadian fisherman that the Salvelinus fontinalis is genetically unable to
    grow larger than one pound.

    The Canadian fisherman retorted I catch five pounders in the Boyne River all
    the time and that was just a baby where he comes from.

    The American marine biologist objected to the Canadian calling a one pound
    Salvelinus fontinalis a baby. Again he explained to the Canadian fisherman that
    the Salvelinus fontinalis is genetically unable to grow larger than one pound.

    Not wanting to argue the Canadian fisherman let the subject lye and spent the
    rest of the day fishing throwing their catch back. At the end of the day they
    exchanged addresses and parted friends.

    A month later the American marine biologist received a parcel in the mail in it
    was a frozen five pound brook trout, distraught he began to write the Canadian
    fisherman a letter.

    “Dear Mr. Fuddel Duddel

    Thank you for the five pound specimen of the Salvelinus fontinalis, and thank
    you very much for ruining perfectly good science with a fact.

    Sincerely John Doe”

    I have done a number of experiments with magnets and this experiment I have done numerous times with the same results.

    This is one way a mag lift or antigravity machine works.

    Place a magnet on a wooden tabletop with one pole down and place a similar magnet on the underside of the tabletop with the opposite pole up (North to south) the magnetic field will pass through the table and try to lift the magnet on the underside of the tabletop. (Force of Attraction)

    Pic a table with a top thick enough so that the magnetic field is just not strong enough to hold the magnet to the bottom of the table.

    Next take the magnets and switch places only this time place the same poles facing each other (North to North or South to South) this time the magnetic field will pass through the table and lift the magnet on the top of the table. (Force of Repulsion)

    The only conclusion I can reach from this experiment is that the force of repulsion is greater than the force of attraction.

    That is what I did in the glass tube, I placed magnets in the glass tube with the same poles facing each other like in this pic.

    Mag lift.png

    I can do this better.

    Gravity is the force created by 2 objects being attracted to eachother because of their mass in them. Because the Earth is so big, everything is pulled to it's center.
    The Moon too is attracted to the Earth. But it stays in it's elliptical path because of it's large momentum created by it's speed.
    The tide is created by the Moon, because the Moon's gravity is pulling the seas. The water doesn't leave the Earth because the Earth has a larger Gravitational Force, but the Moon does make it move, creating eb and flood.

    What you're just using here is an excellent example of MAGNETIC force overcoming the GRAVITATIONAL force. If you try to hold 2 northpoles together, they will try to push eachother away. This force is created by the 2 magnetic fluxes bouncing into eachother.

    Planes use the lift generated by their wings to overcome the Gravitational force... No anti-gravity.

    These so called 'Lifters' use high voltages to ionize the air, creating a small airflow. The airflow overcomes the gravitational force. Just like helicopters do. But helicopters use rotating wings, as it is much easier to create enough airflow to lift people and cargo in the air. These lifters use ultralight materials like aluminum foils. Little weight will need little airflow to be lifted from the ground.

    To have 'Anti-Gravity' you would need an object that has a greater mass than the entire Earth.

    There are no 'gravitons' either. Atoms have mass and mass creates gravity. Particles within (quarks) these atoms have masses. But there is no such thing as Gravitons giving atoms their mass.

    And monorails aren't Anti-gravity either.