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Introduction: Anti Kitty Knitting Box

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I have 5 cats. Three are young and 2 are older. Let me rephrase the previous statement. I have 0 cats. My WIFE has 2 and her brother who lives in our house with his new wife has three young cats. I am crafty. That means I sew, knit, craft, and generally just make stuff. Cats have the natural tendency to attack any ball of yarn they see. The cats have free reign of the house and I knit in the living room. In an effort to avoid my yarn being turned into a slew of garbage, I decided to build a box. 

Materials needed.
1 Box.

Step 1: Cutting the Box

I needed to be able to reinsert my works-in-progress into the box. I also needed to have full access to the box in seconds. I also needed to be able to pull yarn from the box in strips about 6 feet at a time. It had to meet certain criteria. It needed to be able to store yarn in full spools and they needed to be able to flop around while being pulled on. It had to have an opening small enough to not allow curious cats to dig in. Here is what I did. Starting in the side of the lid I made a small very narrow "V" cut going straight to the center of the box. I then cut a rectangle about the size of a zippo lighter. 

Step 2: Working and Storing

To use the box you simply remove your work from the box and slip the strand of working yarn into the "V" and up to the rectangle in the lid. Put it back when you are done. ENJOY!



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    This looks like it would hold more yarn and bigger projects than Grandma's oatmeal box yarn keeper as well as reducing the carnage by 90%. When you are knitting, don't the cats still attack the foot of yarn coming out of the box and twitching seductively with the movement of the needles? I am owned by 3 cats and they either insist on taking over my lap or attacking the yarn.

    2 replies

    I have found that holding the box between my feet and warding them off with my shoes is a good deterrent.

    My cats were strangely addicted to knitting ... I had to find a way to cure their addiction. This was simply the best Anti kitty knitting box I have ever used. 10 hours of them stuck in the box, and they don't want to knit anymore.

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    After reading your comment, I tried knitting without thumbs. Your cats ars amazing sir!