Anti-yo Worldwide Yo-yo Video Contest

Sorry about the quality my camera decided to me...
Added: February 12, 2008
Sorry about the quality my camera decided to mess up at the wrong time.
Trick 1:
Step 1: Make a super cool pose that makes you feel confident.
Step 2: Make a Super-man Pose and Throw a Break-Away
Step 3: Tug and catch.
Trick 2:
Step 1: Bend your Knees in anyway that makes you feel like a chicken
Step 2: Think "I AM the next JonRob
Step 3:Talk like JonRob, Words like What, Lets Get it, And Step yo Game up Help The most
Step 4:Throw a Trapeze
Step 5: Make the loop on your Opposite throw hand as big as my head
Step 6:Bring the counter weight in and out of the hole.
Step 7: Bind it and walk away happy.



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    Heh...heh... Do you happen to have ADD? JK, JK. No, just the thumbs up and the squatting thingy sort of threw me off.